The Hanged King's Comedy
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In the court of the King, the Doctor waits. Illustrated by Dex V

The Hanged King's Comedy

The spiteful's torment shall permit
Glom of power whence the worlds split.

And black stars hate without relent;
The King's pernicious game is spent.

Failed usurper ten trillion times,
Fueled by those two who sinned no crimes.

So now my reign stands to begin,
Anguish, the court of strife and sin.

Existence within my control,
Agony wracking every soul.

Thus, I will feed the king his sin,
To die 'till he can't die again!

Thereafter I will take my throne,
All flesh having been stripped to bone.
All lives are pawns of the Anguished King's
To suffer and die on my puppet-strings.

The story thus far…

"Rumors of men who had cast aside their mortality and overcome the great specter of death filled Rydell's mind. At last he would have his second chance at uncovering the truth of those secrets, within the court of the Hanged King."
- Of Doctors and Alagadda by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade and Blacknife09Blacknife09

"How many times had he read that book? How long have I been here, to forget it all? He could tell not how long he sat on the stair, a wretched and unspeakable thing. He turned at length to the sound of bony footfalls from behind."
- Pestilence in the Court of the Hanged King by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade

"Confused, pained wails and screeches echoed throughout the hallway; A symphony for the Anguished Lord. Trembling, wet with blood as red as midnight, it despaired that it did not die. It languished, terrified, knowing it was alone.

And then it wasn't."
- In the Shadow of the Anguished Lord by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade

"…say again, zero-three-five in possession of an animate body seemingly immune [DATA LOST] secretions. Majority of task force have [DATA LOST] listening to several minutes of its voice. We are under heavy fire. Damn the lot of them, they’ve got us holed up in here. [DATA LOST] chance is to get to the warh… [REMAINING DATA LOST]"
- Everyone Wears a Mask by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade

Stars shine down on the fifth night. A black cloud through which the stars can see. The doctor, with no work remaining for him, left the backwater shanty church.
- An Angel who has Forsaken Sympathy by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade

A man and a doctor stood in the darkness of the corridor.
- Do No Harm by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade and Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian

Everyone wears a mask.

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