The Halloween Breach
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It was Halloween night at Site 19
A more average night there could not have been
Inside the researchers were hard at work
Studying skips and their interesting quirks

When all of a sudden, out of the blue
The intercoms screamed "It's 682!"
"He's escaped his cell, he's running amok!
We've sent out the guards, and with any luck
They'll find him with almost no damage done
Until then, however, everyone run!"

The sudden announcement caused quite a riot
Afraid they would be the lizards diet
Personnel all ran through the halls quite fast
Hoping that this night would not be their last

Just then the man on the intercom cried,
"173 is loose, everyone hide!"
"We're working hard to find both of these beasts
So there will be no one marked as deceased!
Remember: don't blink, remember to stare
Or else you won't have time for a prayer!"

Now the whole site was scared as can be
No one survives against 173!
To defend themselves, they all grabbed their guns
So they might have a chance to see the sun

Once again the intercoms spoke with fear
"A mass SCP breach has taken place here!
Not just the lizard or the statue that kills
The Old Man is out and spreading his ills!
And so is Able, and he's rather pissed
About all the action that he may have missed!"

"035 is free, it's found a new host
And I'm also free, and making some toast
The clown has escaped from his cell and TV
And so have the 008 infectees!
This is by far the worst breach ever seen!
Oh, and by the way…Happy Halloween!"

"Yes, everything was completely untrue,
It was intended to scare all of you.
This great night is all about treats and tricks
So I thought I'd spook you all for kicks!"

Site Director's Note: It pains me to say
We were just tricked in a cruel sort of way
Somehow a researcher thought it'd be great
To frighten us all to a panicked state
But I'm not upset, because as it were
Now the fool's working with all things Keter!

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