The Great Short Story Contest Archives

Past Contest Entries

Post-SCPocalypse, February '10

First Place Awarded to Document recovered from the Marianas Trench by Doctor Gears

Second Place Tie Awarded to And it Starts with a Song by Nioki and Dandelions by Clef

Third Place Awarded to Revenants by Photosynthetic

Crackfiction, April Fools Day '10

Once Darkblade posted his magnum opus, everyone realized it would be pointless to try to compete with it.

SCPs in War, March '10

First Place Awarded to The Man from Maple Street by TroyL, who also wrote the technical second-place winner The Human Part of the Equation

Second Place Awarded to Name, Rank, Serial Number by Clef

Third Place Awarded to Performance Anxiety by Edcrab

The Death of Alto Clef, April '10

First Place Awarded to Unfinished Business by TroyL

Second Place Awarded to All They Want is the Blood by Sorts

Third Place Tie Awarded to An Intermission by Dr. Bright and Clef Dies by The Raven

Diary of an SCP, May '10

First Place Awarded to Happy Free Market Log 17643390, by Chaoseed

Second Place Awarded to Jot it Down by Dr. Djoric

Third Place Awarded to The Little Lost ██████ by Alias

Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd, June-July-ish '10

First Place Awarded to An Average Life by TroyL

There were no other entries. :-(

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