The Great Mole Remolution
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The Great Mole Revolution (Remolution); 7th of Diguary, Mole Year 178.

Location: Main Molerdom Underground System, Puławy, Poland.

Moleday 1: Moles are protesting from low wages in the main corridors of the underground mole system. The Grand Molernment has been slowly but surely decreasing the wages of mole coal miners and their acceptance for this to continue. Around 100 mole miners march through and out of the corridors, saying in a high pitched voice "Higher wages for the mole miners!" repeatedly.

Many complaints are listed towards the Grand Molernment's choice, yet they decline to change anything. This has sparked yet another reason to march, and today was the day to do so. The moles surely got their message across; even if they bumped into a few walls on their way because of their funny sight.

Moleday 2: Even more complaints are given to the Grand Molernment. No difference has been made, and the mole coal miners said that, if this continues on for longer, they will go on strike. More moles join the upcoming revolution; this time more moles with jobs which are resulting in lower wages every day.

Moleday 5: After five moledays of the Molernment's reluctance to increase the mole workers wages, the strike has begun. More than 400 moles march the corridors every day now. It is now omnipresent, as every small bump, corner and passageway have small or big groups of moles saying they want a change. Some have even resulted in going directly to the rulers of the moledom in groups of 10 to 50 to voice their complaints directly towards their leader.

Yet they still end up failing; every attempt at changing it simply ends up with a decline, and for some moles which voice it for too much, are sent to small isolation chambers for a period of one to two moledays to make them adapt to the low wages. This never worked out; the moles remained solid in their speeches and continued to fight against the Grand Molernment's choices.

Moleday 8: The royalty and their guardmoles are getting tiresome of the constant protests. The amount of moles marching is now inestimable. All of the high-pitched voices now turned into high-pitched waves of protest. The protests are starting to become a big worry, and the Molderndom is afraid they will have to soon form an army or rebellion to this protest. As long as the protests start to gradually decrease to a level which can be dealt with the absence of force, the Molerndom was fine.

Moleday 9: Yet, on the 9th day, the Grand Mole King almost fell off his grand throne after hearing that the protests are now getting serious. Information that the protests caused many mole-villages to protest as well. It couldn't continue, or the Mole King was ought to be carried off of his throne and sent to farming for 30 mole weeks. The king had to think of a way to stop these protests and to make the moles accept the change. He had to think quickly.

Just in case, the Mole King assembled an army of 50 guardmoles and 200 molescripts. The situation was not looking to glide into safety any time soon.

Moleday 12: The situation is now bitter. The remolutionaries formed the "Remolutionary Army" to fight against the Mole King's forces. As soon as this came to the Mole King's attention, the Mole King had no choice but to prepare for a revolution. The Remolution; to give everyone happiness and a fair cost to keep not only the economy up but also the small but warm smiles of little moles.


The Mole King's messenger waddled to his throne, urging the Mole King to hear a critical piece of information. The messenger said:

The leader of the Remolutionary has contacted me. They want an imminent change in the next two mole days, or they will wage war on us. The Remolutionary demanded a rise in the wages of jobs such as coal mining, tunnel digging and the shopkeepers of our city. Another demand they have requested is an explanation of your decision on why you have decreased their wages. They told me directly to say this to you; "Two mole days of co-operation, or two mole months of war".

Will you accept this, my King?

"Give it two days" the Mole King intoned, before slowly walking down the stairs of his throne, turning left to an old, wooden door. He slowly planted his two feet and two paws near the door, took a deep breath, and pushed it. He was stuck, realising he had to pull it. So, he pulled it, and walked inside, slamming the door shut, letting not a single peek from outside of the room he went in to be spared. His messenger crawled off as swiftly as he could to give the new information to the Remolutionary.

Moleday 13: The Mole King prepared an army. The Anti-Remolutionary Army. 50 guardmoles and 250 mole conscripts. He marched down to a huge, hollow area of the tunnel system. He quickly steadied his positions there and declared his mole workers to shut any passages to his throne room and other important passageways. His army was prepared with small stone muskets and very simple wooden and stone armour. They started digging trenches, forming barriers and readied themselves.

Supplies are carried into the soon-to-be battlefield. Molesław the Chubby now just had to wait.

Moleday 14: The messenger has returned, walking onto the battlefield calmly, accidentally bumping into a barrier. "King, King!" he shouted. The Mole King's attention was now purely towards the messenger. "They know what you're planning…" The messenger said nonchalantly. The Mole King looked up to the ceiling and exclaimed: "May the will of the Mole gods be with us". The tacit gesture instantly informed the messenger to crawl off and to deliver information about the war.

Moleday 15: The potent and 800-strong Remolutionary Army marches into the huge arena which soon would turn into a field of mayhem. Armed with small muskets, cannon crews and stone sabers, they readied their forces. Both of the sides messengers came to the center. With an exchange of words, the messenger on the Remolutionary side said that it is time for war, not for conversation. The other messenger understood and walked to his side.


The 7th of Diguary, 178 in mole years will now mark the most important date of the mole history. The removal of the King "Molesław the Chubby" for the Remolutionary leader "Digismund the Claw". The war… To settle the unsettled.

The Remolutionary Army forces charged first; a battalion of 70 moleteers. Their offensive was soon halted, though, as their forces were sent from an angle pointing straight into a big pile of dirt. All of them stacked upon each other, in a small "molehill", until they held their position behind it. Soon, they stood in a horizontal line and all got their muskets. Aiming for glory, they shot in almost perfect synchronization - the recoil of the muskets sent all of the Remolutionary musket forces back a few mole meters.

Half of the forces rolled on their sides uncontrollably from the recoil, tumbling into piles of slightly injured and tired moles. The ones that could got back on their feet, as one more battalion was sent with 50 swordmoles. The opposing side sent their fearsome squadron of guardmoles; experts at swinging stone sabers around, with fine stone armour and pointy stone hats. 50 on 50; the two forces soon were to meet at a point in the middle of the battlefield.

When they met, instead of stopping and fighting, they bumped into each other, losing their weapons in the meantime. A wild confusion of unsure and weaponless moles ensued. Soon, they'd rely on hugfighting it and to see who could overpower the enemy by vicious hugs. The Remolutionary Army's musket battalion rushed forward; tripping on some of the small holes in the ground and the small fighting bodies of moles.

The Mole King's forces sent his conscripts forwards, as the Remolutionary forces prepared their cannon crew. The conscripts rushed, falling into a few trenches and calling it a day after a few attempts of trying to crawl out. The remaining conscripts either bumped and hid under mud heaps or big rocks, or joined in with the absolute kerfuffle in the middle of the battlefield. This all happened whilst the Remolutionary Armies cannon crew squadrons activated their cannons.

They shot; yet half of the cannons didn't work, the other half shot stone pebbles rather far. This didn't cause any damage, though, as the pebbles didn't hurt the moles and only created trip hazards across the battlefield. Both leaders got weary of this and sent all of their reserves forwards. A raucous stampede of mole feet and paws echoed the room. From both sides, they shouted their war chants and boosted the morale of their forces across the battlefield.

The colossal war charge was overwhelming. Every mole on the battlefield had the motivation and soul of a true warrior. They met at the center, where the hug battles were taking place. A few of the forces were sent back due to the pebbles fired by the cannon crews, and the musket forces were trying to fire even more, sending waves of moleteers backward. When the moles met at the center, it was really hard to distinguish which mole was on which side.

As soon as a warmole would prepare to attack another warmole with its saber, it was taken down by a domino of falling warmoles. They discarded their weapons and started to brutally fight their war with hugs. Every mole was hugging and brawling the other, trying its best for the other one to either get tired or to pin it to the ground. The huge war continued on for 8 mole minutes before most of the forces on both sides began to grow very tired.

Some warmoles fell asleep due to the tiring conflict, and some tried tickle-fighting the enemy for them to give up. Nothing more than 5 mole minutes later, every single warmole was sleeping. On atop each other, like logs in a lumber mill. Yet, one defiant warmole decided not to fight, hiding behind a mud hill it bumped into. It slowly found the path to the tunnel connecting the battlefield and another tunnel system which it was familiar to.

It walked up the path, found the Mole King's throne room and broke down the dirt barriers. It grabbed a piece of wood, a tiny stick and a bottle of ink. It waddled its way back to the battlefield, with its fat little belly swinging like a pendulum from side to side each second it walked. Reaching the center of the battlefield, it shouted: "The Remolutionary Army won!". This loud remark woke up most of the warmoles, allowing the mole carrying the wood and stick and ink for the Mole King to sign a treaty of peace and fair wages.

Without reluctance, the Mole King signed the piece of wood. Every warmole woke up every other warmole, and soon every mole was gathered to a ceremony.

"My fellow moles and moles. Today, was a day which I regret happened. It is now an undying piece of the history to show us what happens if we moles and moles don't get along. War. None of us want that. We all want to be fairly treated, and to have a fair wage. Everymole, rejoice, as we have a new ruler, Digismund the Claw. He will grant us the path to success and freedom! Hoorah!" The moles shouted back with all of their happiness: "Hoorah!".

Robert instantaneously removed the jobs of the coal miners. "You deserve better; not to mine coal, but to learn, with the M.I.T.S.E and the brave Astromoles. The coal miners are now to research electronics to advance the Mole Institute of Terrestrial Space Exploration!"

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