The Final Death of Jack Bright
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He knew he was fucked before he even got the call.

As Bright makes his way to the office that will almost certainly be his final resting place, he goes through possible excuses in his head. It was an accident, one of the researchers under him did it, he was taking a shit when it happened, none of those will do. Fuck, he's almost there. Come on, think of something!

…Will it even matter if he has the best damn excuse in the world?

Before he knows it, he's standing in front of the door to his doom. Before he enters, he takes a few deep breaths, building up confidence. He can do this.

He opens the door to find Jean Aktus, Site-19's director and one of the most widely-feared men in the Foundation, glaring at him. He can't do this.

"Have a seat, Jack."

Well, looks like this is it. After over a century, Jack Bright is about to die for the final time. He's hoping that he does a good job of hiding his fear as he sits in the chair across from Jean.

"Do you know why I've asked to speak to you today?"

How could he not?

"Yes, sir."

"Then why don't you tell me?"

Normally, he would crack a joke about Jean not being one for small talk right about now, but he might actually be drawn and quartered if he tries that here.

"You want to speak to me about the, uh, incident that happened a few hours ago."

Silence. Is Jean thinking about what to do next, or is he just dragging it out for his own amusement?

Finally, after five seconds that could have been an hour, Jean begins talking again.

"Jack, do you know how long I have been Site Director here?"

Oh God, where is this going?

"Twenty-two years, sir."

"Correct. That's twenty-two years of dealing with absurd nonsense because of you and your colleagues. I thought I had seen everything in that time, but you have proven me wrong today."

Jean pauses to take a breath of oxygen. Oh boy, here it comes.

"Jack, why the hell was a giant Furby tearing up my site earlier?"

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