The File of an Acid-Junkie College-Flunky Dirty-Puppy Daddy-Bastard
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"Our existence deforms the universe. THAT'S responsibility.” - Delirium, The Sandman, in 'The Kindly Ones'.


Best tread lightly if you're using my feet.

Zara (they/them) does a whole lot of nothing around here.

However, they are a prize-winning writer, photographer and artist who is happy to devote as much time as they can helping people with their drafts.

2021 — Just getting back into critiquing and working a real-life, real-human job in a real-pet shop after many years not doing either. Still sometimes misidentifies guinea pigs and rabbits, to the determent of real life.

When not critiquing or generally being awesome, they write. Here are some things they wrote.

The Kit Series

The Kit series is well over 10 Tales long at the time of writing. Rather than listing them all here, I advise you click the above link to go to Kit's Hub.

Zara's Tale One-Shots


It Might Have Been.

'Linked hand in hand, mother and child both knew as soon as they hit the threshold, Katie would disappear.'

You Never Visit Me Anymore.

'Her grave was simple. “Memento Mori”, it said, because that’s all that could be read clearly on her arm in red Sharpie at the beauty spot.'

The Price of Beauty.

'You can get everything rebuilt these days. Your tits, your arse, your face…'

The Taste of Leaves.

'I remembered the taste of leaves in my mouth.'


Change Your Past in One Easy Step!

'Want to tell past you something of serious importance that could cause a risk to national security?'

The Year that is is Now But No-one Knows What That is Because We are in a Hellscape please send help

How Not to Ouija

‘How Not to Ouija, and Other Halloween Psychology Experiments for Idiots.’

The Monster We Call Grief

'A monster with nails as long as claws, black gaps where its eyes should be, and a hunger for something food could not satiate.'

I'm Me, Not Debris

'Still, it was okay, I eventually came to learn, because that was not me in the photos; I was debris.'

Other Things Zara Has Given Minimal Input To_

Zara has only been helpful to the site once when they kinda sorta helped with a crosslink guide.

What'cha Up To, Zara?

Having too many gerbils (did you know that a group of gerbils is called a hoard and I'm also not very good at sexing gerbils?), an overweight calico called Purrcilla, and working a very very part time job teaching other people how not to have too many gerbils and overweight cats.

Oh, and still writing as much as six children in an adult suit operated by rats can do.

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