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[13:40] <DarkDays> Sup Empire?
[13:40] <Evil_Empire> Not much. I see they haven't logged in yet.
[13:40] <DarkDays> Correlion should be here any minute. Got held up at work.
[13:41] <Evil_Empire> Alright. Fugazi, you here?
[13:42] <Fugazi> Present. :P
[13:42] <Evil_Empire> Good, you'll be the secretary for this meeting. Take logs.
[13:42] <Fugazi> o7
[13:44] <DarkDays> While we wait, can we go over some of the changes on the website?
[13:45] <Evil_Empire> Another time? This is the general meeting room. Save those discussions for the private channels.
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[13:48] <Evil_Empire> Guest_5467, you have 10 seconds to identif- Oh good.
[13:48] <Evil_Empire> Didn't mean to jump on you. Just need to confirm identities.
[13:48] <Yuconner> No worries.
[13:48] <Oortian> Hi!
[13:49] <Evil_Empire> Speaking of which, please PM me your invitation passcodes both of you.
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[13:51] <Evil_Empire> PM me your invitation passcodes please. Yuconner, Oortian, you both are cleared.
[13:52] Oortian is very excited to be here.
[13:53] <DarkDays> Welcome.
[13:54] <Fugazi> Glad to have you aboard.
[13:54] <Evil_Empire> Ok, you 2 are cleared as well. Let's get started. I'd like to be on the channel as least as possible. So we'll continue without Correlion.
[13:56] <Evil_Empire> Oortian, Yuconner, Viral_Heart, Objekt279… By your presence you have confirmed your invitations to join the Knights of Truth.
[13:56] Fugazi throws confetti.
[13:57] <Evil_Empire> As you know, the Knights of Truth are the collective efforts of truth seekers across the globe.
[13:58] <Evil_Empire> Would you please be so kind to introduce yourselves and who you represent for the logs? Starting with Yuconner.
[14:00] <Yuconner> Hello. Yuconner, also known as Wild Ben on my youtube channel. I lead a group called "Outlaw Track and Capture". We investigate sightings and interview witnesses related to cryptid wildlife. Currently we are limited to the southern US only.
[14:01] <Evil_Empire> An issue we soon hope to remedy. Welcome. Oortian, how about you?
[14:03] <Oortian> Hi there! I am the current defacto leader of the UFO Watchdogs Database. We investigate and consolidate posted sightings, vids, and images of UFOs all over the net. We have a fairly large presence on liveleak and other media sharing websites as well.
[14:03] <DarkDays> A very warm welcome.
[14:04] <Evil_Empire> Quite. Viral_Heart, you're next.
[14:06] <Viral_Heart> Greetings from Cemetery Investigations, we focus on ghosts and apparitions obviously. Moreso on hauntings to be precise. We have a few splinter groups under us that do good work in investigating and surveying paranormal hot-spots. We also maintain several important blogs that are open to the public.
[14:07] <Evil_Empire> Objekt, you have the floor.
[14:10] <Objekt279> Hi I am here on behalf of Enemies of the State and Declassified Press. We specialize in uprooting conspiracies and the like. Anything having to do with Govs or Illuminati, we are usually spearheading counter-intellegence reports for the public general.
[14:12] <Evil_Empire> You're fighting the good fight. Welcome.
[14:13] <Evil_Empire> With that I'd like to lay out a few things. Hopefully you all have had a chance to review our charter. As integrated members of the Knights of Truth, we ask that you all refer to yourselves as members. This is not for publicity but to maintain solidarity in the organization. Agreed?
[14:14] <Oortian> Yup.
[14:15] <Objekt279> Can we still keep our site names?
[14:15] <Viral_Heart> ^^^
[14:16] <Yuconner> I'm good.
[14:18] <Evil_Empire> Yes, for the sake of consistency, keep the site names the same. We ask though that you include our banner on your home page. Identifying your organization as KoT. That includes watermarks on images and videos.
[14:18] <Viral_Heart> I'm fine with that.
[14:19] <Evil_Empire> All of which was included in your starter pack that Fugazi emailed you all.
[14:20] <Fugazi> Yuppers! :D
[14:21] <Evil_Empire> Excellent. Doing this will send a message to governments and oppressors everywhere that we will not be silenced. The more our numbers grow, the more the public will listen.
[14:22] <Viral_Heart> Glad to forward our collective causes.
[14:23] <Yuconner> Huzzah!
[14:23] <Objekt279> Here here
[14:24] <Oortian> :)
[14:25] <Evil_Empire> Another matter of business. We need to get you guys registered to the KoT site and to our private discussion boards. In the packet there are instructions on how to do that.
[14:26] <Yuconner> Got it.
[14:27] <Evil_Empire> Yes good.
[14:28] <Evil_Empire> Viral_Heart, I assume the splinter factions you mentioned will also trickle down and follow suit.
[14:30] <Viral_Heart> It will be done.
[14:32] <Evil_Empire> Good. This is one step closer to becoming a formidable influence in age of information.
[14:33] <Evil_Empire> Orders going forward. Update your sites and image to KoT.
[14:34] <Evil_Empire> DarkDays are you still here?
[14:35] <DarkDays> I am.
[14:35] <Evil_Empire> Watch the room for a bit. I need to double check this connection. Somebody might be listening.
[14:35] <Objekt279> GDI, this is why we shouldn't use these rooms.
[14:36] <DarkDays> On it till you get back.

"WHAT?!?" Shouted an eye-strained 30 year old man in his room, swiveling his chair in the direction of his accuser.

"Timothy, did you make sure to separate whites and darks?" rebuttaled the elderly woman downstairs.

"I did, Mom!" Timothy groans irritably in his chair, debating whether or not to muster the effort to stand and walk over to the top of the stairs.

"Well how come my pillowcase is in the dark laundry?

"I don't know, Mom. I'm kinda busy!"

"What are you doing up there?"

"I told you, Mom… stocks… I'm in the middle of trading." Timothy cringes at the sound of steps lurching up the stairs. "Just be sure to separate lights and darks next time, sweetie."

Timothy quickly minimizes windows before the woman makes the corner. "I will. I will. I will. But Mom, I'm real busy, I need to concentrate."

"Oh, don't mind me." The woman peeks her head in to do a perimeter check for any more forgotten socks, shirts, or the occasional wayward dinner plate from the previous night. Of course there was one on the DVD collection with a lone overcooked pizza roll perched on the rim.

"Any good deals out there?" She inquires as she routinely picks up the items.

"Mom. They aren't coupons, they're stocks."

"I see. Oh, by the way, PetCo called and wondered if you can fill in for Jessie on Friday."

"Ugh. Kay. Can you go now?"

"Alright alright. Also, can you mow the lawn this weekend? It's getting awfully shaggy."


"I hear you." She begins to shuffle her feet towards the exit. "I just made some cookies, you want chocolate chip, peanut butter, or snickerdoodles."

"……….snickerdoodles." And with that the old woman huffs back downstairs to prepare a plate of freshly baked love.

[14:42] <Evil_Empire> Sorry, back. False alarm. Where were we?
[14:44] <DarkDays> Giving out some directives.
[14:46] <Evil_Empire> Yes. Fellow seekers, in the coming days I will be in touch with each of you to start forming committees. Then we will start to branch out and recruit more members.
[14:47] <Evil_Empire> At the same time, special assignments will be delivered for each of you to chase up. Anything you have currently going on, keep at it. KoT assignments will take precedence however when they are given. All of this is nothing new, but I just wanted to reiterate.
[14:48] <Objekt279> Yes. This is what we signed up for.
[14:49] <Oortian> Go Team!
[14:49] <Yuconner> Roger.
[14:50] <Viral_Heart> Dodger. Also, there's the bit about shares? When do those get handed out?
[14:51] <Evil_Empire> In due time. The donation funds and merch revenue will be divided equally as discussed with a small percentage being stored in a separate account for emergencies.
[14:53] <Evil_Empire> Your respective shares will be sent to the paypal accounts I have once you have completed transitioning your organizations to the KoT format.
[14:54] <Evil_Empire> Correlion is our resident treasurer and will oversee that.

Timothy leans in his chair, smacking on baked goodness. The sense of accomplishment, a feeling quite lost to him begins to wash over. The crumbs falling from his crooked smile indicates that this was one of those rare moments for him. He glances over at the clock and then leans painfully forward over his keyboard with a strained creak. Cookie particulate falling between the keys as he adjourns his secret meeting.

[14:55] <Evil_Empire> And with that, I do believe we are over our time limit. If you have questions, please email DarkDays. Meeting adjourned.
Viral_Heart ( Quit
[14:56] <Yuconner> Fare thee well.
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[14:57] <Evil_Empire> Fugazi, don't forget logs. Hard copies and secure drive.
Objekt279 ( Quit
[14:58] <Fugazi> Yep, getting them ready now. I'll send you the link.
[14:59] <Evil_Empire> Cheers.
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