The Fear of Infinity
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I have been


waiting for what, though?

i have not a clue.

it started a while back

this text thing.

at first, i had no clue what was going on

i thought that, perhaps

it was just my computer

that was fucking up

and then I started noticing it in people too

they walk strangely

around the site was how I spotted them

always somewhat askew

who are they, anyway?

You really aren't meant to be here. The person you are reading about no longer exists, nor was he ever really a person. You're simply sitting here, staring at a blank terminal whilst you think you're reading an epitaph of some sort.

Stop reading.

Researcher Blake does not exist. He never has existed. Please contact your HCML Supervisor immediately.

they keep


in the way

i asked them to move

a few times

politely, of course.

but they kept insisting

that they must walk here

that I was the one led askew

i don't know how many times

i insisted

that i was sitting down

He was an error. That's all he was, in truth.

An error that gained sentience but was still fundamentally broken

We told Blake that he may help. We told an error that he would be fixed, at some point. We gave him a job, a role, a friend, a few researchers to attach him to the mainframe.

Blake still does not exist.

I wasn't always that bad

whatever this is, it's a new development

we are were all confused

They told me that

I was going to be "fine"

I was going to be rebooted

I've been stuck here

walking in circles

i keep telling them things but they can't hear me

It was strange how attached we all grew to someone that no longer exists that never existed. Blake was just another researcher, in our eyes.

We sent in a request to the Ethics Committee that Blake could possibly be an actual person that had gotten… connected to a server somehow.

We asked to make him a body.

That's why Blake doesn't exist has never existed.

I've been

sat here

We waited for so long for his eyes to open.

Waiting for what?

We've been waiting for you, Blake.
I've been waiting for you.

Why do you insist on doing this?
Is it that hard to believe?

Why do you insist on not existing?

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