The Eternal MxTape
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The Eternal MxTape is about trying to escape a crushing sense of alienation and make yourself a better, more compassionate person… even when your underlying nihilism doesn't exactly go away.

The Eternal MxTape is about a nonbinary media magician with a dissociative disorder so severe, they disbelieved themselves out of existence. It's also about an unlucky Foundation employee who wants so badly to do the right thing, it seriously interferes with her secondary work as a spy.

The Eternal MxTape is about wreaking terrible vengeance upon a heinous murderer who was also a bigoted jerk. Forget that guy. He never really mattered.

The Eternal MxTape is (sorta) like Doctor Who by way of Slaughterhouse-Five, if Billy Pilgrim were a genderqueer MST3K dork and "regeneration" entailed a brief eternity in the abyss. It owes a lot to Douglas Adams and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but you don't have to worry about that (unless you're into it).

The Eternal MxTape is about trying to uphold a quid pro quo in a nominally uncaring universe. Fortunately, this corner of existence is full of people, some of whom care about each other very, very much.

In short, this is a Gamers Against Weed story. More generally, it's about coming back from the brink, finding comfort in culture and companionship, and fighting back against a harsh world. It's about learning to forgive, and trying to be there for the people who need it most… because whoever and wherever we are, we are not alone.

Most playlists have a default order, but regardless of whether you put them on shuffle, listen to them backwards, or pick and choose your preferred tracks, it's still a curated experience. The Eternal MxTape has a structure to it, but it's not linear; it plays out in different ways for different readers (and different characters!) based on where they jump in. You decide where the story starts, so pull up a chair! Pick a mix. Follow the links in bold, and have fun. Keep circulating the tapes.

SCP-4581: Anti-Racist Audiocassette — A counter-propaganda tool wreaks unintended havoc on Foundation servers.

  • "Smile! You Are Being Watched!" — Bad news: Wren Masterson doesn't remember getting caught. Good news: now these stoners can riff the interrogation footage!

SCP-4784: Nature Abhors a Vacuum Tube — Nihilist anart gone awry, intertwined with inexplicable small-town Canadiana.

BONUS TRACK: Somewhere Empty — Masterson hitches a ride into Utah to settle the score with two anomalous terrorists.

LATEST UPDATE: SCP-6476: Let A Die Be Cast! — Codename NEMO infiltrates a magical TTRPG group.

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