The Elusive Anderson
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Agent Merlo scanned the folder and whistled.

“This is… impressive,” she said, and looked up at her guest.

“It sure is,” Agent Navarro said with a sly smile. “You should be able to pass one of the Lawbringers off as one of Jericho’s secretaries with this information. Apparently he was a rather big patron of Anderson back in the day. Small world.”

Navarro’s smile morphed into a troubled frown.

“This info required a lot of bargaining with Jericho to get. Please tell me you’re going to nail them this time.”

“We’re more than prepared,” Merlo smirked, “Director Holman even managed to secure us one of Dimaccio’s most promising newbies to use as a narc. Trust me, we’re prepared this time. Shit’s going to get done.”

Navarro chuckled and shook his head.

“I hope so.”

Series Overview:

The individual or group known as Anderson has long been a very minor, if not very annoying, thorn in the Foundation’s side. Primarily dealers of anomalous robotics and biomechanics, they have consistently avoided capture through both the nimbleness offered by the small size of their operation and an apparently vast network of connections with other groups and individuals of interest.

Following the acquisition of promising information from a former patron of Anderson, MTF Gamma-13 “Asimov's Lawbringers”, prepares to launch the largest sting against Anderson to date at great risk to not only their own credibility, but to several months of meticulous planning. However, the task force soon learns that with great risk often comes great reward…

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