The Doors Are Grey
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The doors are grey of my gaol
they my thoughts betwixt my sleep
return to silence wroth and cold.

Your days are spent in deepest thought
mine are drain'd, in useless keep
You call me 'threat', to humans brought.

Of this my guilt is clearly shown,
you, Foundation's blame will sweep.
My diff'rent ways are not my own.

The silence does me harm no more,
you, the hard faced dogs will leap
to hold me here on captive shore.

My secret lay within my soul,
Now and Ever you will Weep.
when Now I show my final goal.

Fire is Mine to make it clear,
Sweet as dearest cassareep.
Behold my fiery Justly Fear.

Containment breach, your dire loss
Burned from life as useless dross.

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