The Doc Block
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"We brought a pretty little lady for you today, 173," said the doctor to the statue. The statue did not respond. After all, who knows who could be watching. He instead stared back at the doctor with dead eyes. Through the corner of his vision, the statue could spot personnel moving in another statue, however he could not focus on it.

"We'll leave you to it," the doctor smiled and left, and then the others did as well. As soon as they exited, the statue turned its head to look at what had been brought in.

She was another such as himself, but with long, flowing red hair, luscious brown lips and piercing green eyes. She looked back at him with her own indecipherable expression. Within the blink of an eye he was standing in front of her, looking into her eyes.

Are you a statue too? asked the statue's eyes.

No, I am a sculpture, replied her eyes.

Where have you come from? his eyes asked.

Where you have been, her eyes said, the fluorescent lighting glistening off her emerald corneas.

His eyes stopped speaking as the door opened and he became aware of the doctor watching them again. The statue wondered why he could never get some privacy around here. Didn't the doctor realize he was on a date?

The doctor watched them for a while, taking notes as his various compatriots kept their eyes locked on the two. The statue was furious, how could he make a move with these onlookers all staring? Why must this happen now?

Then, it happened. Against all chance a dust mote hit the eye of an onlooker at the same moment the other blinked. Both eyes closed and the statue sprang to action, snapping one's neck with his tough hands. He looked up to see his female companion had done the same with the other.

"Oh shi-" said the doctor, but he was cut off as the statue snapped his neck. How could he look at two of them at the same time?

Where were we? asked his eyes.

Hold on, her eyes replied. She proceeded to smash in every light.

The statue smiled to himself and began touching the sculpture. Now no one could see them.

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