The Deniers

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The Deniers

The Non-Believers, The Willful Blind, Rick Sanchez Wannabes12


A loosely structured organization which seeks to destroy what they don't understand via organized acts of violence. The Deniers oppose all faithful adherents,3 practitioners of thaumaturgy and students of the occult.4 Members of the Deniers hold a strong, unwavering belief in what they call facts and reason, though as one may already suspect, they know nothing of the truths of this world.

So long as they pose a threat to these halls, their ilk is not welcome here.56



A sapphire gem, the self-assigned namesake of the Deniers.


A member of the Deniers picketing a religious event.8


Traits: Deniers are easily identifiable by their cowardice, hypocrisy, and pseudointellectual babble9. Note that though not all individuals who exhibit these traits are Deniers, they are equally as pleasant.10 Additionally, Deniers employ violence, extortion, blackmail, and threats to achieve their goals.

Nature: There is reason the Deniers are banned from the Library. Their malicious intent and desire to pervert the supernatural to fit within their narrow views are vile, as is the torture they subject believers and thaumaturges alike.

History & Associated Parties: The Deniers came to be following the end of the 4th Occult War. Through the might of the Book Burners,11 the Deniers rose to provenance. Though in recent years their paths have diverged, the Deniers have kept the knowledge they gained from the Book Burners. The Deniers have chosen to go their own way following the inclusion of groups such as the Islamic Artifact Reclamation Directorate and the Sons of Shammai into the United Nations Occult Council12.

Their history is long and varied, having orchestrated various attacks on faithful and thaumaturgists alike. Below is a brief collection of recent attacks orchestrated by the Deniers.

- 2017, Baghdad - ORIA HQ - Bombing, 12 dead, 26 injured.
- 2017, Portlands - Deer College - Kidnapping (3 counts).
- 2016, Soho - Attempted breach of a Way, No deaths/injuries.
- 2015, Paris - Fifth Church of the Stars, ???????1314
- 2015, Montpellier - Attempted breach of a Way, 3 dead, 2 injured.
- 2015, Khanty-Mansiysk - Proto Sarkic Settlement. 29 dead. No survivors.15

Approach: Approaching the Deniers is ill-advised.1617 Though they are not as dangerous as the Book Burners or the Jailors, they are just as vicious and hellbent on destroying that which challenges their so-called 'truths.' If faced with a group of Deniers, it is recommended one hides any visible connections to their faith or the supernatural if possible. Place your safety above all else and attempt to escape.

Observations & Stories

"The Cogwork Orthodox Church continue to resist a disturbing rise in this group's cowardly attempts on the blessed artifacts of MEKHANE and the lives of Her faithful. Despite the ongoing success of the Militants-Faithful in the defense of the Cathedral of Industry from direct force, a fleshly parasite capable of defiling Standardized components remains a known and active vector of attack, also confirmed to have compromised the faithful of the Maxwellist sect. We pray, together with all others afflicted, to expedite the demise of this particularly violent strain of heresy."
- Saint-Legate Trunnion18

"The Deniers have a long and varied history of terrorizing civilians at their places of worship. Thus I have heard; a reverend recently done speaking with his flock was captured and beaten senselessly for his devotion to his Lord. Repeatedly he was asked why his Lord would not save him from this fate. Though it pleases me to say the reverend has since recovered and continues his services, the criminals have yet to receive their karmic comeuppance."
- Siddhattha

"부인자들의 요원들이 북한 관리들과 무기 거래를 하는 것이 목격됐다. 획득한 무기가 많은 것도 아니고 강력한 것도 아니지만, 충분히 걱정거리이다. 주의하도록."202122
- 문23


Though claiming their membership includes many prolific thinkers and fellow disbelievers, there is reason to doubt these claims. Many, if not most disbelievers, disagree with their acts of violence and terrorism against the faithful, including their supposed high-profile members. Perhaps this is due to their lack of organizational structure, but this scholar believes it to be, what is referred to in the Library, 'a dick move.'26

Several accounts claim to cast light on this group's obscure sources of funding, with connections made between wealthy Neo-Nälkä families and their few known benefactors. Attributed to this connection is a recent wave of attacks on Proto-Nälkä communities; the Deniers potentially used without their knowledge as a weapon against those Neo-Nälkä consider undesirable. However, these accounts are not verifiable - just as likely, violence against Proto-Nälkä communities simply forms part of a worrying trend of the Deniers' increasing confidence in attacking even non-mundane religious groups.

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