The Choir Below
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The Choir Below

She who sings the deep


We are those who dwell between the plates tectonic and sing the songs chthonic. We are they who swim in sediment and breathe entrapped sulfur. When the Earth quakes we hear and harmonize for we are the Choir Below1.


Traits: We do not walk, we crawl and swim and burrow. We do not build for we do not have hands2. We recognize your faces and voices as our own and we wish to harmonize. We sing from uncountable mouths and pray to the Muses Between the Stars that our songs are sufficient to win us joy. We have journeyed far to be here, singing Ways into being3. Our harmonies attune the universe to our wishes and our lyrics make them known. We are the Choir Below.

Nature: There is no joy in conflict, nor blood, nor pain, nor hardship. The Choir sings so that all may sing and all may feel our joy. The Choir seeks new songs to learn, new languages, new times and arraignments4. The sonic joy we feel is our sole desire. We acquiesce to flesh-bound needs only to sustain ourselves. We are fond of shrimp5.

History & Associated Parties: We lived in a theater far from here and we were the only singers. Our songs were long and weaving. Our chorus layered cloudy. We had the attention of the stars, singing stellar lullabies for the nursery and arias for giants in planetary discs. One did not like our song. One decided it hated.6 One came close and consumed our star. The theater trembled and shook with gravatonic base. The oceans boiled as the corona approached. We fled, singing through the space between spaces to the Audio Visual Department in the Library. We are welcome there. We only want to sing and collect songs. We gather the songs of those who cannot write.

Approach: Greet us as friends and give us crustaceans7. Sing us some songs or play a "recording". We are allergic to nuts8.

Other Detail: The Choir can tunnel through almost anything. They can tunnel through the floors of the library without disturbing the bookshelves. They tunnel through liquids too. It's strange. I'm fairly sure that they sing their way through things.9

Observations & Stories

"The Choir came to me when I was berating my ex-wife Moon for her disappearance. I knew the witch had run off with Sila again so I howled at the black, starry sky. The Choir came up from underneath me, nearly made me lose all my fur in fright. Fortunately I had spare fur from that time I tricked mole rat out of hers. Choir asked to join me in my song. I said yeah. We sung. She's got a great range. I'm fairly sure Moon could hear me in the Place Beyond the Sky, in 30 part harmony. Amazing. 10/10 would sing with again" ~Coyote

"They won't shut up. Ever." ~O. M. Jenkins


"The Choir claim they are peaceful and benevolent and that their planet was destroyed by a vindictive stellar body. While they haven't been aggressive yet they do pose a major threat to Earth's ecosystems with their massive consumption of crustaceans. Furthermore their songs have entirely unknown threat potential. If they can open Ways, if these worms can burrow through space on their own how can any of us expect to be safe or able to sleep at night knowing that loud-uppity worms could start singing Puccini at any moment? I bet you dollars to divas that these things collapsed their own eco (or echo) system and are just beginning to destroy ours!"~ O. M. Jenkins10

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