The Chiron Model

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We feast on the Battlefield


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Óðinn á yðr alla

Internal briefing regarding the development of the Chiron Model

Strategic Justification:

The Valravn Corporation prides itself on the excellence of its employees, especially those in the military contractor role. For this reason, we only recruit from an exclusive pool of candidates, each of them carefully selected for stellar past military performance both in regular and occult armies. Unfortunately, the military profession is known for taking a physical toll; many veterans with otherwise valuable expertise have been rendered unfit for private military service due to physical injury. By offering a solution to this problem, the Valravn Corporation can tap into an unexploited market of potential recruits.

For several years, Valravn Corporation R&D has been working on various projects aimed at this issue. This work has culminated in the Tyr Project, a new framework for military para-prosthetics. The Tyr Project aims to elevate the Valravn Corporation as a leader in para-prosthetic innovation. This constitutes a high priority for our operations, since each year, we lost around 8% of our military contractor personnel due to physical disability. When successful, the Tyr Project will prevent the loss of valuable personnel, while expanding our recruitment pool.


The Chiron Model, the first development of the Tyr Project, will allow not only to restore but to greatly improve the mobility of previously impaired personnel. This has been made feasible by recent breakthroughs in synthetic nerve development. Now it is possible to connect artificial nerves to the spinal cord, achieving what is essentially seamless integration between the central nervous system integration and a synthetic prosthetic structure. By discarding damaged and/or unnecessary body parts and adapting the subject's structure for high-speed all-terrain mobility, we can add a valuable asset to our military capacity. Possible applications under consideration include but are not limited to shock troops and reconnaissance.

Current Model Chiron prototypes have proven to be highly effective during war games. If we secure a reliable source of suitable recruits, we should be able to deploy the Chiron Model in combat as soon as the second quarter of next year.



The Chiron Model during war games

CTIO of Valravan Corporation

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