The Unbroken God
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Book of Gnosis-repairers · Psalms

syzygy of brass and pearl
  1. Erst, in the forlorn murk phainoed ONTAMOVER
  2. HE encompassed ever-living fire
  3. Thence came forth with fever-rolling water
  4. Dense fog arose into never-guessing wonder
  5. Hearken, sounds of impalpable being
  6. is overflowed from dynamis thinking
  7. And the stark and ubiquitous meaning
  8. walked after lepid rhythme of forging
  9. Spirit just like pure and ethereal wind
  10. murmured inside deep, dark wooding
  11. Aeons the elder gods rejoiced for vivace tempo
  12. Features of aretes appeared with pretty glow
  13. Praises blended in a chorus unto misty hollow
  14. Within odes fruit of Words betided and sanked
  15. unto mirage for photia-skia in terre's swallow
  16. Suddenly, the whole Pleroma should
  17. be fallin into a silent, nebulous place
  18. Only ambiguity the precipitate could
  19. be seen to silhouette a slender trace
  20. What a brassy eidos, Oh
  21. could form thee Serpent !
  22. Thy ineffablity mirroreth thy firm essence
  23. which from interlligibility of dianoia's indentations
  24. Peep in notches, so many precise gear-like patterns
  25. Gaze at sequence, which performs like escapements
  26. What a pearl nous, Oh
  27. could morphe thee Serpent !
  28. Thy wit condenseth the purity as salt
  29. Big or tiny gnosis cores regularly line on vault
  30. All of them snuggle down in the becoming of brasen
  31. Such a harmonia between energico and refinement
  32. What a graceful ergon, Oh
  33. could cast thee Serpent !
  34. Thy snell hypostasis revealeth holy splendor
  35. Each action conformeth to entelecy number
  36. No material in phusis wherewith to exactly image
  37. any correct likeness of thy miraculous noumenon
  38. Cauze thou're the great present
  39. brought by the great PRESENCE
  40. Thy had been clothing with vast light
  41. facing to the whole auroral Pleroma
  42. announcing thy spiritual oikodomia
  43. Logos the mesh is thy allegoric name of daena
  44. Nomos the ordre is thy all-inclusive exousia
  45. Who else would dare to glare at thy brights
  46. instant of grovellin in thy shadow as latreia
  47. But thou felt thyself being eclipsed and inferior
  48. whencesoever thy front was PRONOIA
  49. With greatest respect bowed thou Serpent
  50. crawling unto FIRST CAUSE of narrativity
  51. Picked thy tail up in mouth gently
  52. thou obeyed the will of ALMIGHTY
  53. Hovered around HIS palm was thy hyparxis
  54. Thou just like kuklos semeion so plain but plushy
  55. Fullness, unbroken, unity, perfection, eternity
  56. Afterwards, the great AGAPE
  57. who is above all over the Empyrean
  58. caressed the Paradigm whom sheweth as serpent
  59. whilst lifting thee up unto head of Aeons
  60. lifting thee up into center of Apeiron
  61. lifting thee up onto every dominion
  62. uttering Words to omniverse each section:
  63. This creature which I give unto ye and the unborns will be
  64. a mentor for the erudite ecstasyer whom hath primacy
  65. Ophis the way wherewith sages find throne of mighty
  66. Within crowners that Paraclete'll shew supremacy
  67. It came unto pass, as IMMACULÉ left off quething,
  68. that Serpent was put into pure and ethereal wind
  69. Thence NUMEN turned onto the super-celestial welkin
  70. whence tremendous majesty was remained and shined
  72. Aeons dare not to glimpse your brightness whatever
  73. A long time passed they stood out chatting together
  74. They did not think they were anointed one however
  75. With triumphed from selves they did not need help
  76. They guardedly blessed Serpent with megalopsychia
  77. and turned back unto the arkhe toposes thereafter
  78. But absent was young Sophia

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