Track 2: The Book Of Dave
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"The Book of Dave"

By Clyde

Notes: So I was looking for inspiration at my parents’ house last weekend, and I found this really sick book and thought “Hey, I can

use this to write down lyrics”. Before too long, the book started writing back. How cool is that?

Anyway, I wrote a song about the guys in the book and here we go. -Clyde

Peppy guitar intro

Verse 1

Well I was sitting home alone last night, recording music for my band,
When suddenly I saw some pages and a blackened spine.
I grabbed me up that book, sat it down and started a-reading.
And then thought to myself, “Hey, for lyrics this'll do just fine!”

It was the Book of Dave, it was the Book of Dave!
Something crazy bout a civilization depraved!
Book of Dave, oh yes the Book of Dave!
Sounded like they needed some funk.

Probably a guitar solo here

We’re putting this in the EP? Seriously? I wrote a rock opera

in three part harmony and we're putting “The Book of Dave” on the EP? -Rosa

Deal with it. -Clyde

Verse 2

I grabbed up my guitar, leaned back and started a-reading,
and my-oh-my, the horrors I did peruse.
Looked to me like Dave was real big top notch doucher,
And everything would be better with more music and less abuse.

It was the Book of Dave, it was the Book of Dave!
Some shit about some murders and some people got flayed!
Book of Dave, sure was the Book of Dave!
Figured funky tunes would do them good.

Verse 3

I pulled out a pen, and wrote some doo-wop and a little crescendo,
And before my eyes, I saw the Book of Dave write back to me,
Told a story of how old Dave and his friends started dancin,
Amongst the corpses of the fallen and a vast and bloody sea.

It was the Book of Dave, it was the Book of Dave!
People dropped their axes and began to rave!
Book of Dave, hell yeah the Book of Dave!
They’re pretty weird but who am I to judge?


The craziest thing friends, and man I wouldn't blame you for doubting,
Was when the ink on the page jumped up and started dropping a beat.
Old Dave appeared, and started shaking his unholy maracas,
Him and I jammed out, and let me tell you it was pretty sweet!

It was the Book of Dave, it was the Book of Dave!
Monstrous abominations and a conga line craze!
Book of Dave, fuck yeah the Book of Dave!
Partied so hard they changed their history!

Guitar Solo Outro

Clyde, where put book? Me interest in read. -Umiko

I think I threw it out, ‘Miko. Sort of got weird towards the end. -Clyde

Shit. -Umiko

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