The Big List Of Overdone SCP Cliches
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We got plenty of:

1. Things What Let You Fight Good, Guyz What fight good, heck, anything involved with Fightan Good.

2. Reality Bending pplz what can make the world change with their mindz.

3. Things what we should do what they say becuz we wouldn't like them when they're angry.

4. Things what make other weird things. This includes things what make SCPs and Things what you put other things in and they come out improved.

5. Things what you saw on TV/ in a movie/ in an anime/ read about in a book / heard in a song.

6. Things what make you go nuts for no apparent reason.

7. Things what use up excessive resources, like nucular weaponz or Class-D personnel.
* Blind Guards are excessive resources, by the way.

8. Things what excessively refer to other SCPs. This includes things what are better than other SCPs.

9. Things what are really pretty pplz whom everyone lieks.

10. Things WHAT1 are just fucking lame.

11. Things what perform OTT (Over The Top) as to what they're supposed to do. i.e. Knives what cut through dimensions, audio devices what cause insanity to whoever listens to them etc, etc.

12. Things what are ancient and evil, so vast that humankind cannot comprehend it, yada yada yada you can only have so many.

13. Anything what is spherical. Or cubical. Seriously, for fuck sake, pick a random object rather than a shape.

14. Things what lead to some vast dimension of pointlessness where we lose countless amounts of D-Class by sending them in for no particular reason.

15. Statues what move when you dun look at dem. We already have one what does that and it's better than what you can write.

16. Things what is from DA FUTURE! We've got a whole city from there.

17. Things what just tell you random information that be's all mysterious liek.

18. Things what is indestructable just to be indestructable. We're the Special CONTAINMENT Procedures, not Special DESTRUKTION Procedures Foundation. We usually dun destroy things just to destroy them nowadays.

19. Things what caused teh INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI. Seriously, I think the Foundation has caused it about ten billion times already. And for that matter, quit making globes and maps that change the world when the map or globe is altered. It gets old.

20. Cats and Dogs. Seriously, we've got way too many canines and felines, let's do something different! Ferrets, lobsters, squids, platypi, muskrats, beavers, komodo dragons, their are millions of animals out there, that are not cats and dogs!

21. Humorous addenda talking about some shenanigan the staff did and what terrible punishment awaits if they do it again We are trying to move away from such things.

22. VINDOWS TO ANOZZER VORLD! Seriously, we have four of them, and they're all the same damn article. Come up with something less stale.

23. Creepy dolls. 'Nuff said.

If you be making one of these things as an SCP, plz to be remembering dat we already have OVER NINE THOUSAND of these things already, and your entry will be harshly scrutinized and mocked. Your article better do a magic trick and practically give the reader a blowjob to avoid being BALEETED.

Translation: You are welcome to attempt to use these ideas, but bear in mind you will be adding to an already well-stocked collection, will come under harsher scrutiny, and need to do exceedingly well to make a impression.

Dr. Gears Footnote: With these things being stated, let us also state that this is not a list of "NO MORE OF THESE EVER", but a list of things that we have too much of. You can try to make a Thing What Let You Fight Good, but bear in mind it's going to have to be VERY good to both stand out from the pack, and avoid deletion. If you attempt to make something that fits into one of these slots, be prepared for a rapid downward spiral and deletion.

If, on the other hand, you're able to re-forge one of these cliches into something truly original and solid, congratulations. However this situation is very much the exception, not the rule. In most cases, originality is best if you hope to create a outstanding entry.

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