The Bed, Lifted
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On the inside of a psychiatric hospital, a woman observed a monster. A creature with a spherical head, covered with thousands of eyes. She had already screamed until her throat became dry, but, due to the very nature of the place she was in, nobody had heard her. The monster was watching her, but didn't seem to want to attack her.

It wasn’t the first time the woman had seen the monster. That thing was the cause of her being in that place, but that was no longer something important. She remembered firing some kind of fire weapon. She remembered hearing screams, and then… an environment that always was white.

But the creature never stopped watching her.

And as the monster began to open its head, showing jaws whose teeth had even more eyes, the woman began to scream again.

― - ―

In an alley, a homeless man opened a trash can looking for something to eat. There were times when he would think about what his life used to be, but he barely noticed a flash. If a proper psychologist had checked him out, they would have noticed that, among other things, he was beginning to have Alzheimer's. But did that really matter?

He heard a weird sound behind him. He turned around, to realize that it had only been Tom, his cat. He found it a few months ago, and decided to try to take care of him.

In the trash can, there was a milk carton, still closed. He picked it up and, although it was expired, took several sips. That night he had been lucky.

He turned around, intending to give the cat some. But all he saw was a winged centipede, about three meters long, finishing eating Tom.

The homeless man dropped the packet of milk, which spilled onto the ground.

― - ―

In a bar of bad reputation, some men watched the news. 485 people had disappeared throughout the week. Most of them were patients with a mental illness.

One of the men commented that his sister had also disappeared. She was hospitalized for seeing a man holding a spoon, and who had the entire upper part of his skull missing, with bite marks. The only thing left of his face was a disrupting smile.

Most laughed at the man's story, but he defended himself, saying that his sister was ill, and that as funny as it might be, he was worried about her.

The place fell silent.

― - ―

A policeman, sitting in his office, listened to a disturbing story. Some teenagers said they had seen a couple disappear into thin air, piece by piece.

They said it looked as if they were being eaten by something invisible.

It was the fourth report he had received about someone disappearing into nowhere.

He wondered if he was facing a case of mass panic.

He wondered if it had something to do with the rest of the missing persons.

It didn't take long for him to reach the place where the guys claimed to have witnessed the unimaginable.

When he saw that there was a security camera on a nearby lamppost, he was relieved.

When he saw the recording, he felt that all the horrors which, as a child, had been hiding under his bed, had suddenly risen at the same time. He felt that the monsters had decided to remind the world why they were feared.

― - ―

In a scientific facility, an alarm sounded. One of the most hostile entities had breached containment.

And for some reason, everything was going to Hell.

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