The Beast Is Upon You
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Dr. Raedon stepped out of his office; a small, dull building constructed a few metres away from the steel fence which towered over him. The office was nothing like his one at Site-108, but it had to do. Besides, in the deep, lush forest, the fresh air, the sunlight, and the slight breeze moving through his black hair and lab-coat were nice for a change. Raedon looked all around him, nothing but thick shrubbery and trees for miles, and in the centre of the secluded, peaceful woods was a sinister log cabin, the mole on the back of the otherwise beautiful landscape. A small, grey bird lay lifeless on the ground near the log cabin, its fate and its mind sealed. Raedon stared deep into one of the boarded up windows of the cabin, hoping to one day figure out what’s inside…

Raedon walked over to a scanning device on a table in front of his tiny office, noticing the guards slowly shuffling around the fence encircling the cabin, rifles in hand and reflective vests covering their dense bullet-proof vests. One of the guards, Thompson, nodded at Raedon before continuing his duties. Raedon switched on the scanning device, and began his daily task of scanning the cabin and record the results, whether anything changed or not: A slow, menial job, but a job nonetheless. Connecting to one of the many Foundation satellites, Raedon began scanning the log cabin, X-Rays, thermal imaging, the works. And after 2 hours of pushing buttons and reading data, the results were the same as they were yesterday, and the day before that: nothing. Not a pulse, not a trace of heat, not a single particle of organic matter was inside that house. And yet, anyone who walked within 15 metres of the damn thing became prisoners of their own mind a month later. Raedon continued to perform his daily tasks, scanning the cabin multiple times a day, recording data, and sending it back to Site-108. Occasionally, he would get a D-Class sent to him, in order to determine whether or not the radius of the cabin’s effect had changed at all. Half of the time, they would try to run through the forest to escape captivity and into freedom. None of them ran more than 20 steps before hitting the ground.

After a long, hard day of staring at a computer screen and copying down the information on said computer screen, Dr. Raedon returned to his small office and laid down in the slightly uncomfortable bed that he would have to spend the next twenty-eight months in, and tried to get some sleep, occasionally staring at the moon from his window, the light barely illuminating the log cabin that stared back menacingly at Raedon whenever he sat up to look at it. Before falling asleep, Raedon thought he saw something moving in the forest, but brushed it off as a lack of sleep.

Raedon was jolted awake by a sudden bang, falling off the bed with a loud thud. He quickly put on his lab-coat and ran outside, looking around, trying to discover the source of the sound. He looked around, finding the three security guards running to the other side of the fence, their flashlights shining in the dark forest. He looked over to the ominous log cabin. The door was open. Raedon ran back to his office, grabbed his pistol out of a locked drawer in his desk, and wandered towards the security guards, his footsteps breaking the deafening silence of the woods.

As he got closer to the guards, he stopped walking for a second, and noticed that he wasn’t alone. He heard a second pair of footsteps close behind him, heavier than his. Raedon’s breathing became heavy, and slowly turned around, fear flowing freely through his body. Raedon looked behind him, his eyes gazing upon a tall, ominous figure.

Standing in front of Raedon was a tall, slender humanoid, with large, deer-like antlers erupting from its head. As it stood in the breeze of the forest, the torn rags that covered its body moved in the wind, revealing its dark red skin. The creature was barely visible in the dim moonlight, but Raedon was nearly blinded when he reluctantly looked into its bright white, pupil-less eyes, which glowed violently in the shadows that covered it. It raised both its hand by its side, its palms pointing towards the night sky.

“I see you have been watching me for quite some time, my friend. You have taken quite an interest.”

The creature spoke to Dr. Raedon in a deep, soothing, formal voice, which took him by surprise. Raedon was frozen on the spot, not daring to look away for even a second out of fear.

"There is no need to be afraid, my friend. I used to be an enthusiast of the occult myself, I spent my old days wandering the globe when I used to be Adas Tyler. Walking under the sun and the stars, in search of the mysterious and the bizarre. You are the same, are you not?"

Raedon finally mustered the strength to respond after what seemed to be an eternity of silence.

“W-well then, Adas… can you tell me where you came from?”

The creature gave a deep laugh that pierced the silence, and made a quick gesture to its chest. It took a step back, its figure being shrouded further by the shadows cast by the forest.

“My old self belonged to another country, far from here. I spent my days in an orphanage, with no purpose or sense of belonging in this world, until I looked out my window one day and I saw heaven itself, something I had never seen before and couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams. I have been looking for it ever since.”

It gestured towards the log cabin. “I built this log cabin myself to rest during my travels, and one day the men from the orphanage visited me. I had never felt such… confusion. They imprisoned me in my own home and referred to me as Rohit. They tortured and mutated my old self until he no longer existed, dying in a log cabin as he gave his life to birth me.”

The creature laughed as a horrible, sickening sound filled Raedon’s ears, the sound of bones twisting and flesh stretching. Raedon watched in sheer horror as the white, glowing eyes began to elevate, the silhouette of the creature growing taller, eventually towering over him like a menacing beast stalking its prey. Raedon went to reach for his gun, but his whole body refused to move, tense with fear. The beast continued laughing as it moved closer towards Raedon, its arms outstretched, reaching for him. Raedon began to take steps back, hit wave after wave with renewed fear. The more steps he took backwards, the faster the beast moved, eventually going from a slow walk to a steady jog. Raedon began to run, lab-coat rustling in the wind, twigs snapping under his boots. The beast let out a bellowing howl, echoing throughout the forest, before running after Raedon.

The chase didn’t last.

With one swipe, Raedon was knocked against the fence around the log cabin, and landed with a heavy thud on the grassy floor, coughing up blood as he struggled to get up. He looked up, gazing into the white nothingness in the eyes of the demonic titan that stood before him.

“They made me into a god, scientist. Don't you want to know what it feels like?”

The beast raised one hand above its head, eyes unblinking and still, focused on its startled, bloody prey, its claws shining in the moonlight, its rags blowing fiercely against the breeze, as if the weather itself was trying to kill it.

No… no, please Adas, I have so much to live for, don’t kill me ple-


The air was suddenly filled with the sound of gunfire and monstrous screaming of an almost unholy nature. The beast suddenly lurched backwards, bullets rippling through its body, squealing in pain as round after round pierced its form, retreating into the forest. Raedon turned around on his back, and looked over to see the three security guards, flashlights pointed at the beaten Dr. Raedon.

“Are you alright, sir? I'm calling for a medical unit.”

Raedon looked up at the bright moon, shining its beautiful light down on him. He tried to get up, only stopped by the sharp pain in his chest and the blood running down his mouth.

“Yep…” He strained a bit as he responded. He began checking for any broken ribs.

“…never been better… you guys need to run faster."

Item #: SCP-3071-1

Object Class: Presumably Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the circumstances and events that transpired during the discovery of SCP-3071-1, containment has yet to be established. The containment procedures of SCP-3071 are to be updated to include additional procedures should SCP-3071-1 appear in the vicinity of SCP-3071. Search teams have been dispatched to locate and capture SCP-3071-1.

Description: According to eyewitness accounts, SCP-3071-1 is a tall, humanoid with luminous white eyeballs and antlers similar to that of a Cervus elaphus (red deer), with dark red skin covered by loose rags.

Discovery: SCP-3071-1 was sighted by security personnel, exiting SCP-3071 and breaching the south fence. Security personnel were unsuccessful in locating SCP-3071-1, who managed to evade security and retreated into the forest. SCP-3071-1 was later located near the west fence, verbally communicating with and later assaulting Dr. Alexander Raedon, the head researcher of the SCP-3071 project. SCP-3071-1 was presumably terminated by gunshot, but was never recovered. Dr. Raedon was brought to Site-108 for questioning and later reassigned.

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