The Beast Beneath The Library
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by Nagiros

Contains themes of abuse and emotional manipulation.

From: Dr. Yesenia, assigned to SCP-4051 as an onsite therapist.


It's been some time since I've received a formal update from you regarding SCP-4051. Despite my best efforts to acquire anything of substance related to the work Dr. Edwards is doing on him, all my attempts have led to failure.

I am not asking for a higher clearance level. I am attempting to provide you with some advice. I have my suspicions about the nature of Project 350-JANUS, and what you're trying to accomplish, but whatever it is, it's evidently important to your superiors. Due to the time it has taken to develop the project, I can only imagine that you're receiving significant push-back from them. Although I cannot help with the development of the project, I have a proposal for you.

SCP-4051 has a remarkable desire to help. His aid in site maintenance has doubtlessly alleviated some of your financial concerns, and he has proven to be resourceful, as well as capable and eager to help the Foundation.

If you want to get your superiors off your back, I'd recommend showing them these traits. Explain Rainer to them in a way they'll understand: prove he is a valuable asset to Site-17 by having him engage in the recovery of a low-threat anomaly. Rainer's ability grants him a versatility that humans do not possess. If you throw him underwater, he can create a breathing apparatus at will. If a member of his team is wounded, he can provide immediate medical support.

I want to be clear here. As someone with a connection with him, I have a certain bias. I want him to be freer, happier. But consider the idea that allowing him to support the Foundation in a more active role will be advantageous to you, the Foundation at large, and the people giving Dr. Edwards the money he needs to continue his experimentation.




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