The Appalachian Scar
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☦The Last First Southern Fifthists. SCP-1982.☦



Commentary from Joshua Greenfield

I don't know if anything he's saying is true or not. Being a member of the Initiative, he is extremely biased. Some think he had a few screws lose before he retired. Talk of previous universes and the Coalition eightysixing the god of Abraham. His comments on our dire need to quick action are also a bit hard to take seriously. Fifthism has been around for a very long time.

The Fifthists… They have no control. Reason with those poor “people” all you like, you’re only speaking into its ears. They’re conceived by the thing, reined to it, through some magic work of probability. They're puppets. This thing is someone else's devil.

I spoke to it. I know enough to know that I spoke to it. I know exactly what it is. The creator of a doomed universe that came before ours. The Fifthist entity is the wraith of a god, our god, one and the same.

If you leave them alone for a long enough time, trust me, those damned puppets will go nuclear. We can stop it now. We can sever its fingers. We can make it so it can’t learn anymore. We don’t have to keep letting it manifest its will only to sweep it up later.

A god can be killed.

You men should know this best of all… we know what you people are capable of. I don’t know how, but your ancestors had the chance, and they let it slip by, for one reason or another.

As for the world before us, the Fifth… they weren't so smart. But I think we are fully capable of cleaning up their mess.

Joshua Greenfield, former Field Operator of the Horizon Initiative to the Program Director of the Global Occult Coalition, 2004 regarding the Fifthist Phenomenon

Appalachian Cult Graphic


The attached document was recovered from the ruins. Most of it is their interpretive gibberish; I can’t see an exact line to the entity there. If we’re going to figure this thing out we’re going to have to work with the west coast Fifthists. They’re the only ones we can infiltrate and the only ones who seem to communicate with anyone outside of its influence in a helpful way.

Jetti and the Delvins and their fan base committed mass suicide just sixteen years prior to this.The current manifestation of West Coast Fifthism seems to be a band calling itself “Constellation Starfish”. If that wasn't easy enough to pinpoint, they were showcased on KNTV minutes after the last reports of the previous disaster were scrubbed by I-think-we-know-who. Their fan base is similar in size and their group follows a similar format. The more subtle patterns have been confirmed by our numbers people. The zombie is there.

Gather all information you can. If you find yourself speaking through it, or, hopefully, speaking to it, record everything. Record every song you hear, document every symbol. Record everything you say as well. There’s a good chance you’re part of it too.

Make sure they die before it shows its face. Nobody deserves to go there. I think you remember the incident in England.

The Appalachian Scar

Item #: SCP-[NULL]

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The area SCP-[NULL] affected has been quarantined and undergoes regular surveys for the potential reemergence of anomalous effects. Quarantine consists of a chain-link fence installed along the perimeter of the affected area and the property purchased by a Foundation front company. The hole has been refilled and forested since its discovery, and disinformation Scrub protocols have been enacted regarding its history.

Description: SCP-[NULL] is an undeveloped area located in Jackson County, North Carolina, previously known as the town of █████████. The town of █████████ was reported missing in 195█. Remnants of large sinkholes, the largest of which being 1 km long by 2 km wide have been found in the area where the town is reported to have been located. The area is two kilometers lower than the surrounding area; several large canyons existing in geologically incompatible locations surround the area.

The town of █████████ had a population of 146.

Excavation of the lakes in the town reveal a number of unusual objects:

  • 1 set of canine remains, approximately 7 meters long and 2 centimeters wide.
  • An unknown amount of migratory geese remains.
  • 25 sets of human skeletal remains in the shape of obtuse triangles and diamonds.
  • 2 sets of human skeletal remains which appear to have been twisted and stretched but show no signs of structural stress.
  • The skull of one copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) snake, measuring 14 m wide and weighing 2268 Kg.
  • 1 human remains in the shape of a star.

Addendum A: The following interview was conducted with Joe Sullivan, a former resident of █████████ who left in 195█.

Researcher Ortega: What do you know of the town of █████████?

Joe Sullivan: Did something happen there? Is Linda alright?

Researcher Ortega: I’m sorry. Linda is dead. There was a plane crash. Do you need some time?

Joe Sullivan: No… it’s alright. We haven’t really spoken in the last six years.

Researcher Ortega: What can you tell me about the town? We’re writing a historical text.

Joe Sullivan: Oh. I don’t know much about the history. I’m sorry.

Researcher Ortega: That’s fine. What about the people? The community while you were living there?

Joe Sullivan: Very conservative. Religious folks. Really into the Holiness movement. Half of the town attended mass on Fridays. I would always worried Linda would get bit.

Researcher Ortega: You mentioned you haven’t spoken to your wife, Linda, in six years. May I ask why?

Joe Sullivan: She was distant. I couldn’t even tell she was the same person. She wasn’t involved in raising Morgan, even though she insisted he attend mass. She didn’t even let me go to church with her anymore. Said “I wasn’t part of it”. I needed to get away.

Researcher Ortega: You stopped going to church at some point? At what point weren’t you allowed in anymore?

Joe Sullivan: It was a gradual process… Uh… People were very cliquey. At a certain point it was just unbearable. I felt excluded. The pastor even started a special night mass that only certain people went to. Really stupid shit. They don’t know how that hurts other people.

Researcher Ortega: Night mass?

Joe Sullivan: Like I don’t know about it. I didn’t care enough anymore to “spy” on my wife. I knew it wasn’t some sort of satanic debauchery; just a change in doctrine or an interpretation of the Bible that they didn’t want to make public for one reason or another.

Researcher Ortega: Thank you for your patience, we’re just about done here. Are you sure you didn’t notice anything strange in the town? Strange sounds, or, smoking earth?

Joe Sullivan: The night mass was the only strange thing about the town. Sometimes they were loud at night but the noise never bothered anyone. People there always seemed the same to me, regardless if they were following religious fads.

Addendum B: The following analog transmission was broadcast for two minutes each year on 08/23 in a radius of 2km around the town until 1968.

Speaker: Mokim, grab the snake please.

A young man pulls what appears to be a copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) snake out of a box located behind the pulpit.

Speaker: Now look on, lovers, as things take shape. Take the shape of god.

The man holding the snake begins waving it around above his head. Video feed begins to distort. Camera remains fixed on snake handler.

Speaker: Susan, calm down.

A woman begins screaming and the speaker moves off camera.

Speaker: I can see your neck over there honey. Calm down. Why are you hollerin’? Look how it moves. Look how it slides up the floor.

Sounds of a struggle, screaming stops.

Speaker: Mokim, put the snake down please.

Snake handler appears to stumble. Screaming begins again, but in reverse.

Speaker 2: Susan!

An elongated human head moves slowly past the screen.

Speaker: Put it down, boy!

Snake appears to enlarge. The area around it appears to expand and contract.

Video feed ends.

Additional Notes, Commentary

Morgan is a bit tricky. He was involved in the Appalachian Cult (the last Southern Fifthists), but he appears to be the leader of the Fifthist entities Western manifestation. The father isn't part of the entity at all. So we know it's not a biological thing. Again we arrive at this predestination idea, like we're all part of its story, or it rigged the game at the start.

Maybe it built the Rube Goldberg device that is our universe, or at least helped? Sabotaged? Why do all of these people need to die? We really need to know how this thing thinks, or if it even thinks like we do. What does it want from us?

Keep up the good work, and make sure they don't catch on to you, the Jailors or the Fifthists. The first step to helping is understanding. Try to understand the entity.

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