the antihero by dado
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sign for inferior rip-off of dado tv production also strange individual who gave dado dirty look when take this picture for story.

yes hello i am dado. before u are ask, yes, u know me from hit tv series "dado and the city" and also from well known and often frequented local business such as dado tan and laundry and also short term lawnmower rental. pls contact dado office if u have question regarding lawnmower repair - best price in all of town and also complementary wax.

now, dado is often keep record of strange happenings to dado. u see, dado great passion in life is to be of the great businessman - master of enterprise if u will. however, dado is also realize that he is not have all the great ideas. sometimes ideas must come from others (strange as this is to dado). so when dado is read quote from great businessman michael scoot that is say "u miss 100 of the shot u do not take - wayne graskem" he is think hmm. what is best way to make sure dado is never miss shot1. then it occur to dado! write down all strange happenings to make sure dado is never miss chance for additional business. now u have all relevant backstory.

so dado is of course premier pharmaceutical in all of world, this is known2. dado is often request by many people who are succumb to the sickness and they say "dado pls to help us in time of trial". dado then is do a good consider, and then make the cure for what ails. this is known. sometimes yes pharmaceutical is have unforeseen side effect, but this is simply cost of doing business. dado is often have repeat customer and no complaint on the yelp or bbb. however some are complain yes but they are fool and do not understand business.

to continue story: one time dado is venture into glamorous world of hollywood movie experience. dado is think that many audience are enjoy potential dado film making so dado is go into the business and is produce great film called "dado: captain of industry". this film is receive many good review and is showing how dado is helping people who have the sickness by treatment with superior dado brand product. also in movie dado is fight criminal scp and feds with sidekick hamster. movie is superior to all other film and yes.

however, film is not box office success due to interference by scp. they are say "dado u cannot produce film because we are competitive3 film maker to u and we suppress your film." dado is having a great disgruntlement about this, however dado is understand how cult classic is working and now is waiting for all audience to see "dado: captain of industry" as great film and critical success4.

anyway, one night dado is finish difficult work and is think "now i am relax by fire and enjoy fine dado film" and i am watch the film. however, i am notice film is now different! somehow a strange fellow is enter dado film and muck about. fellow is empty bottles of fine dado product into toilet and also file report with police that is get hamster arrested by feds! dado is significant displeasure with this, and says to tv "hey u fellow stop it now with the tamper of fine dado film".

fellow is say "no u r doing the badness against people. product are inferior and also causing harm. i am hero and i am save people in story to make better film". no doubt fellow is detractor of dado from inferior film company such as scp or feds.

"listen here u" dado is say. "u r trespass in property of dado who is established man of business. u must be cutting it out or i will be force to seek legal action"

"no u" is what the man say. cannot believe it! angry even now in remember this event.

so dado is now left with decision. either save film from hands of dumb person who does not have proper appreciation for fine dado film5 or do nothing and admit defeat of strange tv person. so dado is think. then dado is realize that dado is have the script of film at the ready6! so dado is get out the pencil and erase and make alterations to script.

"hang on there" man is say. "u cannot do the make alteration to script. hero is now in control"

dado is laugh and say "no sir u r the incorrect. dado is captain of industry!"


employee of dado who r carry out important legal work.

then, film is begin to change. dado is now in film as owner of popular brand of people who do the law enforcement called "police". dado is say to police "look here at this man who is disrupt good capitalistic enterprise with skullduggery and shameful tactics. u must now do the arrest." and police are say "yes dado u r correct this man is now to the jail."

film person is say "hey wait why r u doing this i am good and virtuous and u r do the bad" and dado is laugh and say "nothing personnel kid7". then police r put tv fellow into paddywagon and take him to the pound. in film, dado is celebrate by opening new business of hamster gyms and continues to fight crime of scp with sidekick.

after conclusion of strange event, dado is think "hmmmm perhaps i now must revise title of this work to reflect change in outcome and also to discredit unfortunate film studio who think they are superior to dado!" so i take black marker and am write on outside of dvd "dado: captain of industry and also police who r take away antihero and slap the cuffs on". dado is sit back and smile and reflect on good times fighting strange tv fellow.

then dado is have unfortunate realization that he is write title of new film on wrong side of dvd

if u have not read story about strange tv man click link for context. story is written by person name bilit.

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