The Amazonian Hind

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The Amazonian Hind

The Queen of the Forest, Mother Nature1, the Quarry of Fools


An immensely powerful nature spirit23 that roams the Amazon. A mostly solitary creature, although renowned among certain communities for its unspeakable beauty and serene grace. Taken by some to be an incarnation of nature itself, distilled into the form of a great deer.

Unfortunately, a few black hearts have set their sights upon the Hind, making it the repeated target of hunts and expeditions.



An illustration of the hind by naturalist and gentleman explorer Lord Theodore Blackwood. Described as "an admittedly poor illustration of the fine creature, as I was unable to capture the true appearance of its coat, a gleaming white. My artistic skills are sadly limited."4


Traits: The Hind is a magnificent deer, physically resembling a spotted deer.56 The Hind stands seven feet tall at the shoulder, although a fine set of antlers adds another three feet to the height.7 The pelt8 of the beast is white, but with light blue markings, which likely shift consistently.9

The Hind appears to have direct control over its surroundings - brush gives way to its stride, and streams of water will flow before it when thirsty. As the Hind is a simple creature, this control is mostly used to provide for itself and little more. It does not have great wants, as most reality benders do.

Additionally, the simple presence of the Hind in a region will cause the land to bloom. Seeds will germinate and grow faster, animals grow quickly and healthily, and the whole of the region it resides in is invigorated. As the Hind tends to travel, this effect is rather dispersed.

Nature: It is known that the Hind is a powerful spirit of nature, or genius lustri. The exact date of origin for the Hind is unknown, but the most wildly believed theory is that the Hind is simply the latest in a line of similar avatars. Assorted esoterica indicates that similar entities to the Hind have been spotted in the Black Forest, the Daintree Rainforest, and the Congo Basin, but never at the same time.

The exact circumstances under which the Hind will change locations is unknown, as is the method by which it does so. Some parties believe that the Hind dissipates and remanifests in a new forest, while others believe that it physically travels the world.10

Notably, it is believed that the Hind is mortal, and that should it perish, the cycle will end.11

History & Associated Parties: The Hind has long been the target of many hunting endeavors, although none have been successful in recent history. Other from these ambitions, it is a solitary creature, preferring to dwell in the deep and unreachable depths of the Amazonian rainforest, avoiding any human interaction or encounters.

The Hind was first observed by native tribes sometime before 1800 CE, and was believed to be a powerful spirit or deity. It was the subject of great reverence and respect, and received much veneration from them. The oral traditions concerning the Hind from this period were of great importance to the Hand in the compilation of this document.

A number of hunting expeditions have been mounted to attempt to catch or kill the Hind. The most notable of these was an expedition that Lord Henry Flashman mounted in 1877, although the mission was canceled after they spotted the Hind and had a change of heart. Other expeditions have been met with the same fate, or failed to encounter the Hind.

Recently, the Hind has become the focus of the Clube de Caça12 da Fauna e Flora,1314 a guild of rich and elite hunters dedicated to the hunting of mystical creatures, operating out of Brazil. The Hunters have been searching the Amazon for the Hind, and have apparently made it the target of their next Hunt.

Approach: As with other nature spirits, if one is interested in the Hind, you may attempt to find it yourself. However, take the standard precautions:

1) Raise no steel against it, nor bear any weapon in its presence.
2) Break no branches in your seeking: only bend those that give way to your journey.
3) Respect the wilds and not profane them with violence or pollution.

Observations & Stories

In the Year of our Lord 1877, I had the pleasure to participate in a hunt for the elusive beast, contacted by a small group of fellow explorers, among them the esteemed Sir Harry Flashman. Together we plunged into the depths of the Amazonian rainforest, seeking the creature. It shames me to admit that we did not possess the most noble of intentions at the start, and our plan was to slay the beast.

But after finally locating it, I was greatly moved by the beast. Lowering my rifle, I waved to the others, and they followed suit. None of us could bring ourselves to wound the Hind, as it was a being of nature, beautiful in its territory. To scar or wound it would be a terrible deed, one that we simply would not be able to live with after. And so with that, we left, taking only our memories with us.
— Lord Theodore Blackwood

A guardian spirit and Queen of the Forest. Long may she reign over a bountiful kingdom.
— Pangloss

Hello, I'm a botanist and member of the Hunting Club. The Fauna and Flora branches of the Club are rather distinct, and I only participate in the Flora — I don't have the taste for the violence of hunting. I simply enjoy collecting rare flowers.

In any case, I have seen the deer myself. I fear that I may have been the one to have let the Club know of if it, and for that I sincerely apologize. I simply wished to tell one of my fellow botanists of a magnificent sight I saw, I had no idea that disaster would follow my actions. I should have known better.

It was on a hunt for a rare golden orchid, which was said to bloom every seven years. As I was hiking through the Amazon, I spotted an ethereal, glowing white being in the distance. I watched her through the trees, managing to get close. It was a short encounter, but it left me filled with hope and wonder. (I was able to find the orchid blossom, which I took a single flower from.)

I first learned about their plans to hunt shortly after returning. I was horrified, knowing that I was responsible. I tried to talk them out of it, as the creature was too beautiful to kill, but they could not be deterred. They will find the Hind, and they will slay her.

I am sorry.
Name Withheld


A few sources describe the Hind as innately connected to the health and vitality of the surrounding area, alleging that should the Hind be slain, the surrounding Amazon will be damaged by the death. However, as the Hind remains alive, it is impossible to say whether or not these rumors have any fact to them, and it is beyond the will of the Hand to verify.

All such allegations come from a few prophecies, describing the potential death of the Hind.

Oh ancient one of the Amazons,
Too soon will your demise arrive.
From your corpse shall come a flood:
Vile insects, a thousand from your fur.
How your horns will turn the plants,
And for the creatures, so too your bones.
Ah! What horrors for your flesh!
Alas, the hunters and their violence,
Their hubris, their attacks, their downfall.

Given the disastrous description of the death, it is the position of the Hand that the Hind must be protected and the events described not be allowed to pass. The Hunting Club Of Fauna and Flora should be watched closely by Hand members active in Brazil.


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