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…You know, it all started when I got to Site-127. I think the Director had been around a lot longer than he let on…

-Excerpt, Debriefing - Arturo Genuomo, [REDACTED]


Department of Science - Alchemy Division

The Alchemy Division - long running joke of the Foundation. A department much-maligned by the usual research staff, very few people really understand just how much it does. Alchemy isn't poking around with chemicals, and turning lead in to gold; it can, but it's more than that. Alchemy is the manipulation of the Aetheric forces which generate reality around us.

The men and women of the Alchemy department, are few and extraordinary. Lead by Director Ruslav Diaghilev, they are tasked with containing threats beyond rational science, in places most Foundation personnel can only dream of.

They do so without thanks, or respect from the majority of The Foundation.

If you ever encounter something so fantastic that you just can't explain it, you just may need to consult an Alchemist.

Tales Series in this Setting

  • The Great Seal
    • Finding Balance - Director Diaghilev, one of the most senior personnel in The Foundation, acquires a new student. by DrMagnus
    • Channeling Flows - Arturo takes his first steps on the path to becoming an Alchemist, and in the process discovers there's much more to his teachers than he expected. by DrMagnus
    • Restoring Harmony - Ruslav's past isn't what you'd expect. A confrontation with a subversive force within the College of Alchemists kickstarts a war. by DrMagnus
    • Lepidoptraetheia - Ruslav is an Alchemist, not a biologist! The Alchemy division enlists the help of Kiryu labs, and a young woman discovers she may have hidden talents after all. by DrMagnus
    • An Alchemist Goes to War - The Director leads an MTF to pay Ledenoff Technologies a visit. An old enemy resurfaces, in an unexpected place. by DrMagnus
    • All's Fair in Love And Alchemy - Karl and Mark use every means at their disposal to find what they're after. But what will it cost a man? The Foundation will know. They always know. by DrMagnus
    • The Summer of Bad Memories - Win some, lose some. But when you lose, sometimes, you lose bad. by DrMagnus
    • Le Mort Du Alchemist - The truth begins to take shape. Just what is Ruslav Diaghilev? by DrMagnus
    • Once and Future Alchemist - Arthur gathers his knights to his side, and discovers a power he never expected. by DrMagnus and MalyceGraves
  • Chronicles of the Irreal
    • SCP-6172 - When the world comes together to form a unity created by alchemy, magic, and science, fate decides things shouldn't be that easy. by Ralliston
    • Stranded Lullaby - A whole new world, yet still full of the same old magic. No other choice but to use it to get the hell out of there. by Ralliston
    • The Mind Electric - Things might be a little more complicated than initially thought. by Limeyy, LORDXVNV, and Ralliston
    • Time Machine - What is alchemy but a makeshift miracle? by JakdragonX and Ralliston
    • Let the Maze of My Design Carry You On - There's a new alchemist in town. by Ralliston
    • Isle Unto Thyself - Alchemy is art — and the universe is your canvas. by Ralliston

Other Tales

  • Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered - Rosen has a pet project, deep in the basements. Who else would care about little old hatbot… by Anonymous
  • It's fine, but it still hurts - Dr. Magnus visits the grave of Dr. Helen Magnus. Painful memories, new responsibilities, and old friends come together… by DrMagnus
  • An Arm-y of Two - Ruslav has to recruit an unlikely ally to deal with an existential threat to our reality. by DrMagnus
  • Alchemic Arm-istice - Armando comes across a strange figure while breaching containment. They're gonna have to work together to figure out what's going on… by weryllium

SCPs in, or incorporating this Setting

  • SCP-3622 - An antagonistic software company kicks up old memories for the Director of the Alchemy Department. by DrMagnus
  • SCP-3714 - An inoccuous ring, right? They found it at a flea market. Certainly has nothing to do with the Alchemy Department… by DrMagnus
  • SCP-3872 - W.H. Seward is alive? And ranting about molasses? Something's up, and it may be Alchemic after all! Our two favorite agents recover the former Secretary of War… by DrMagnus
  • SCP-3615 - What do you get when you combine alchemy, thaumaturgy, and a layer of shit? A tragic story. Poor Baal… by mlister
  • SCP-5621 - What happens when a latent talent is offed by a jealous teammate? Find out, as Denton and McDowell investigate Jealousy, Murder, and Alchemy! by DrMagnus
  • SCP-5501 - Remember the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, these pictures are worth the fate of our world. by MalyceGraves
  • Plague’s Proposal - The Great Seal “That’s a great fucking seal.” by PlaguePJP

Writing for this Setting + Characters

Alchemy, at its base, is a pretty loosely defined thing. It involves manipulating elemental forces all around us, be it water, fire, earth, metal, gravity etc. Its effects are not unlike thaumaturgy.

The actual application of alchemy is severely limited on earth, and within 2 light-years of it, due to actions caused by Director Diaghilev alongside Foundation assets in the early 20th century. They enacted a working known as the "Great Seal" which reduced alchemic influence over local space-time as a protection against a significant number of hostile entities. As such, Alchemy is sharply limited by most people. Notable exceptions are Director Diaghilev (who cheats, more or less), and any alchemist outside of two light-years from earth.

This includes alternate realities that didn't implement the Great Seal, and anywhere distant from earth.

Overall themes of this setting are the past catching back up to you, and using your power and influence to help the world move on from its past.

Important to note, "Alchemy" is not a stand-in for "Magic". You can't just poof things out of thin air. There's definitely magic-like abilities, but try and use your best judgement. My yardstick is: does it involve elements, and/or does it serve the story? No flinging Ray of Disintegration around, basically.

Have fun, and let me know if there's any questions!


…Turns out I was right. Dio, I wish I wasn't…

-Excerpt, Debriefing - Arturo Genuomo, [REDACTED]

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