By ThatGuyThatTime.

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In the depths of a forest, shrouded by dark;

Hidden behind boulders, bearing his mark;

There lives a guy, that which will lie;

A creature quite unlike our time.


You mean ThatGuyThatTime, right?

Well, yeah, but I didn't want to give it away. Needs to be some mystique, y'know? The last author page had that.

Exac- sorry, wait, the wh?


Who are you?

Not important. Who are you?

Also not important- look, do you want to read or not?

I guess.



“thatguythattime”cubeflixcubeflix, who is correct.

“He is definitely that”grdngnmgrdngnm, who is also correct.

"The wh"CyaNihilismCyaNihilism, making an astute observation.

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SCP-7662: It Takes a Room to Hold a Village
For RemixCon, coming 20th in the SCP category!

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This world be torn to viscera.

Posted on 26 Aug 2023 15:10
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“google images”TroutMaskReplicaTroutMaskReplica, explaining how I find such good images.

“I have strapped a bomb underneath the table.”winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi, threateningly.

"Hubba Hubba"MerehrabMerehrab, referring to my artwork hopefully.


A Little Mister's Halloween Special!
My first article ever posted, for HalloweenCon2022!

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I may have an ability that some others would think of a curse. But I see it as a gift. A gift to always be connected to the moon. A gift that will always remind me of that night, and one that lets me see the sky like this when that night comes again.

Posted on 25 Oct 2022 01:54
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Audio Excerpts Recovered From The Durandal's Internal Database
A gift to swordlover87swordlover87, for Art Exchange 2022!

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It's good to see you again, Dee.

Posted on 28 Dec 2022 17:34
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Interconstelation Man
For GOITOIBER 2023, Day 5: fifthism!

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Oh. Right, beef jerkey.

Posted on 06 Oct 2023 03:13
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"AND ME"Cicada3301FanCicada3301Fan, who never properly responded when I asked for a quote.

"u stinky head"TroutMaskReplicaTroutMaskReplica, who insulted me despite allowing two quotes.


In collaboration with RhineriverRhineriver, AwhRyanAwhRyan, Cicada3301FanCicada3301Fan and typoenjoyertypoenjoyer!

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A monthly event for all!

Posted on 29 Sep 2023 21:04
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Life is Ever Turning

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The rain kept pouring. Site-18 stood silent and still. O5-12 was gone.

Posted on 19 Sep 2023 01:03
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I can't say I'm glad to have you, seeing as the circumstances are so dire, but welcome to the team.

Posted on 27 Aug 2023 03:46
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Is this a bit?

Posted on 04 Jan 2023 04:09
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Fuck you.

Yeah, okay, no more gimmicks. Hi! I'm ThatGuyThatTimeThatGuyThatTime, and I'm a relatively new author (but not that short a time member) of the SCP Wiki! I’ve been here since January 1st of 2022, so as of writing this (January 3rd, 2023), I’ve been a member of the site since… wow, a year and 2 days ago.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by that place that time.

It is no longer January 2023. In the past 8 months, I have posted (at the time of writing this, aka September 14th, 2023), 21 articles. This number is likely to increase. I'm not really sure how I ended up here, nor how much of this stuff mid. Don't particularly care. I like the dent I've left in this wiki — I've even gotten a reviewer's spotlight since starting!

I think something important to leave here is an Author Will. I've been active frequently the past few months, but that could always change; life, as it may, does not always provide time to be writing. In the situation that I am uncontactable and inactive from the wiki for a period of, let's say, 9 months or more, the following should occur:

  1. All APPLIANCE WAR articles, as well as the curation of the series as a whole, falls to winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi and IndustryStandardIndustryStandard. You two goofs were the first contributors when this first became a series, and I don't think it would've continued without you. For better or for worse.
  2. I leave AwhRyanAwhRyan and TroutMaskReplicaTroutMaskReplica control over the Site-18 "series" — not for major changes or deletion, but if anything else requiring their stewardship were to come along, that's you two. Thanks for being fans.
  3. Otherwise, I would prefer all of my works to remain untouched and unchanged — tags excluded, which I know are added semi-frequently. Still mine, even if I'm gone. Thank you!

Well. That's all he wrote.

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