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Perthward_bound 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 16:38:26 #98976741

Anybody here got any good stories about computers? I'm kind of bored right now.

birdbrained 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 16:40:21 #85456575

I've got a few. Back in I think around 2005, I worked for this one company, Santi Networking. They were based around the southeastern United States, but it was just weird working there. I remember nobody was allowed to physically enter the server rooms of the place I was unless they were switched off, and there were some weird noises coming from them a lot of the time. I think the servers themselves were weird though, there were a few times that some just kind of broke for no reason.

Perthward_bound 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 16:41:13 #46534569

I think I actually know what company that is. Where they the ones that kept just losing people's information and data? I only know that because there was a lawsuit about it, I think.

birdbrained 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 16:43:43 #86687867

That was only half the reason. The other half was that about 2 days before the company closed, a bunch of night shift people went missing. I was working where it happened, and once again they didn't let anybody into the server room. I could make a separate thread for this one email somebody sent me about what they found in there, but I think I deleted the email a while ago. Besides, I moved away from there right after they closed down. Not many other jobs there.

Perthward_bound 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 16:46:13 #36488772

Oh yeah, that is what happened. Google says they claimed it was a carbon monoxide leaked, killed them all and made people hallucinate stuff. Weird.

FurryInABlanket 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 17:02:01 #83185614

@birdbrained Would the farm you worked at be in West Virginia? I was part of this subreddit of people like us down there, r/SeekersOfTheHidden, and a lot of people were super curious about that building. I'd show a post, but I've been having a lot of trouble finding the sub for some reason.

Perthward_bound 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 17:34:55 #89654615

The sub doesn't seem to exist, which could be the problem.


Happened on mobile too

birdbrained 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 17:47:15 #75468165

I did some digging in the wayback machine, and it looks like it was there. I didn't actually find the sub, though. Only thing I could find was a screenshot of part of the post I think you're looking for.
@FurryInABlanket would your reddit happen to be u/GiveTheDogABlanket?


No origin found

FurryInABlanket 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 17:50:47 #87846196

Yeah, that's it. One of us just stole nostupidquestions' logo for some dumbass reason. I don't remember it being deleted at all, or even the last time I check it actually. That's weird. Could you send it to me some other way so it doesn't fall with the rest of the sub?

birdbrained 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 17:52:15 #12568796

I'll post a tweet with that image, my twitter's the same username as here. I couldn't find the site the screenshot was attached too, but I'm sure it's not going to be an issue.

Perthward_bound 8/8/2017 (Thurs) 18:01:36 #85478496

@FurryInABlanket Updates tomorrow if you go the place?

birdbrained 8/9/2017 (Fri) 09:23:45 #85656874

@FurryInABlanket You got the image right? Wayback machine was being really weird today, the image was different from yesterday.

Perthward_bound 8/9/2017 (Fri) 09:29:34 #75936459

I just took a screenshot for comparison against yesterday and it's pretty weird, content-wise.


Yesterday's image


Today's image

FurryInABlanket 8/9/2017 (Fri) 09:31:21 #75693644

@birdbrainedI saved the image in the tweet to my phone, it looks unchanged. The tweet looks unchanged too, I took a screenshot of it just to be safe. I saw you dm'ed me the Wayback link, it's changed for me too. The original poster's username vanished like the date did. I'm gonna look through my posts, see if I know a Wynningthegame.

birdbrained 8/9/2017 (Fri) 09:35:32 #36757823

The image's entire page just vanished. It's not in my search history, and pasting the link doesn't get me anything, but not like wayback's down. It's just gone.

Perthward_bound 8/9/2017 (Fri) 09:36:45 #67578490

I think we have something going down live right here. Somebody start making backups.

FurryInABlanket 8/9/2017 (Fri) 09:38:23 #12347984

The tweet's still up. I'm gonna take a screenshot of it now, so if it changes I can post the differences.

Perthward_bound 8/9/2017 (Fri) 10:02:37 #76723489

@birdbrained Check your twitter, I think you might be hacked.

birdbrained 8/9/2017 (Fri) 10:10:18 #39786238

@Perthward_bound No, it is not. I've just spent the last ten minutes checking, and there were no other logins to my account apart from my phone, which I've had on me. Furry couldn't come make the post, but they sent me the screenshot they took.


The screenshot, which I tweeted.


What I just screenshotted.

I haven't been on my phone until I got the ping.

Perthward_bound 8/9/2017 (Fri) 10:12:57 #3978654

Turning back cannot save you

Perthward_bound 8/9/2017 (Fri) 10:13:44 #23789622

@🗿Moderator Did somebody edit my post? Because I didn't write that.

🗿LimpFirebird 8/9/2017 (Fri) 10:15:26 #73295642

@Perthward_bound There was an edit made at exactly 10:14, but there's no user registered for who made it. The only other mod online is kneecaps, but they're dealing with some furry trolling in another thread. You should make sure your account is secure, just to be safe. Same goes for @birdbrained and @FurryInABlanket.

FurryInABlanket 8/9/2017 (Fri) 3:44:37 #94365974

Ok, so the reason I couldn't post earlier was because I decided to head out to the server myself to see if anything there was related to whatever's going on here. It was a lot further out from town than I expected, and it was pretty derelict, as expected. It was about 8 floors, and the lower 3 floors were pretty much empty, nothing but some old desks and paperweights somebody forgot to take. The closer I got to the top floor, where the servers were, the more stuff there was left behind. It looked mostly like they had just made everybody leave, except in almost every floor there was a locked file cabinet. I found the key and got them open, but there was nothing but a bunch of burned papers. One of them looked a bit like a printout for the server status, but that was about the only legible thing I found. After floor 5, the doors to the stairs were barricaded shut, but the chairs had rusted away and it was super easy to get up. Floor 6 was virtually untouched, it looked like everybody had just walked out one day. All the computers had their screens smashed in, though. Only thing that didn't look completely normal about that floor. Floor 7 was absolutely destroyed. Most of the desks that weren't lying on the wall were smashed to pieces, there were old scorch marks in the floor, all the computers were just bits of plastic and circuits on the board, and it turns out that barricade hadn't been moved since the night the night shift dissapeared. I found their bodies, mostly scattered all over the floor but with a few grouped near the door to the stairs. I managed to move past them into the server floor, and everything looked like it had been burnt out. A few of the servers looked like they had been smashed with something, but the others all had been set on fire and destroyed. None of them were actually functional, there was no power anywhere and they were all destroyed, but I was pretty sure I could hear something while I was there. Whatever the case, I headed back out, called the cops, talked to them about this, and headed back. I'm not sure what the story is with those guys, but I'm kind of scared to find out.

Perthward_bound 8/9/2017 (Fri) 3:45:21 #87692875

Knowledge doomed you it will not save you


🗿 LimpFirebird 8/9/2017 (Fri) 3:51:55 #27635432

I don't know what's going on, but all users that get compromised by this are getting banned until they contact mods about it. We don't need people getting hacked here.

birdbrained 8/9/2017 (Fri) 3:55:16 #389287536

Limp, Perthward sent me some messages saying they weren't at their computer when that post was made. The post isn't even on their screen.

FurryInABlanket 8/9/2017 (Fri) 4:01:43 #87656872

It's them

birdbrained 8/9/2017 (Fri) 4:02:32 #98762343

Furry, just go and log out of every account you have online. Whatever this is seems to only affect stuff that's logged in.

FurryInABlanket 8/9/2017 4:02:42 #98672341

Far too late to save them


🗿 LimpFirebird 8/9/2017 (Fri) 4:05:31 #87623401

Furry's gone. Everyone, I'm locking this thread and ending this thing here.


FurryInABlanket 8/9/2017 #98762378

You should have left us alone


FurryInABlanket 8/9/2017

Being in the light hurts


We don't want more in the dark



Unless that's what it takes


MirasYeti 8/13/2019 (Tues) 18:14:43 #87854092

Hey guys, I was chilling on main and I saw somebody mention a "Missing Link Incident", any idea what they meant by that?


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