That Ocean Scent
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I laid down on my comfortable mattress with an incurable headache and a need for sleep. Yes, I may have slept for seventeen hours, but that doesn't matter. I still have a need for sleep.

I'm tired.

I got these drugs from the local pharmacy. I didn't want to go to the doctor, so I just went on WebMD. I decided I needed some antidepressants or a boost of vitamins. It would make me feel better. Almost anything would make me feel better.

I looked over at the nightstand. On top of it laid my lamp which I've owned for three years now. It broke a couple weeks ago, and so it didn't display any source of light. But that's okay. I'm used to the darkness, anyway.

Beneath the lamp were the tablets. They came in an aesthetically pleasing casing, labeled Bahamas.

I hesitated but then I sat up, moving my legs to dangle off of the side of the bed so I could face my nightstand. I took the pack in my hands, opening the packaging delicately.

There were twelve in plastic packaging. The light hurt my eyes a little bit. I guess it had been a while since I went outside. I wasn't used to it.

I opened the packaging and held one of the capsules in my hand, examining it. It was beautiful. And number one went in.

I woke up on the second day feeling energetic. I looked to the alarm clock: 5:43 A.M., it read in a digital font. I went to open the blinds and realized that there wasn't any light outside. It was alright, though! I was sure to gain some sunlight today.

I went over to my laptop, opening up Google and typing in plane tickets to the Bahamas.

A vacation is what I needed, right? It would make me feel better. Plus, I'd never been. New experiences are always good.

I ended up seeing an absolute steal of a deal regarding plane tickets, so I clicked it without hesitation.

I got up from my office desk, walking downstairs. The walls were so bland. They could use some decorating rather than being painted this dull gray. I needed something to make my abode more appealing in a visual sense.

I poured myself some cereal. I decided I wanted it dry today, and I could simply go with a side of OJ.

I hopped in the shower after that and got ready for today. It was the start of my paid vacation, so I was going to make it count!

I watched Saturday morning cartoons until it was about eight, and then I went outside to greet everyone.

"Hello, Mr. Walker!" I shouted from the opposite side of the street.

Mr. Walker looked over, a puzzled expression on his face. "Oh! Good morning, Mr. Jameson!"

I started to walk over, noticing the beautiful way he had decorated his front yard garden. "I like the decorations," I said as I stepped onto his porch. He was sitting in a wonderfully constructed, green lawn chair, with another one which remained vacant next to him. "Mind if I take a seat?"

"Why, of course! Make yourself at home out here."

"Again, Mr. Walker, your decorations are absolutely amazing."

"Thank you. I certainly took my time with them."

"I can tell. It's stunning. I love the coloration."

"Again, thank you."

He invited me for dinner that day. I went, and it was wonderful! Delicious turkey with sides of anything you could ever imagine. It could be mistaken that they were preparing for Thanksgiving.

But, I had to leave a bit early. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. I needed to catch a plane in the morning. I thanked Mr. Walker and walked to my house.

I packed my things and placed them all in a suitcase, as to which I left in my room. Once I was done, I laid down on my bed with a smile I couldn't get off.

And number two went in.

The plane ride was quite the experience. The flight attendants were so kind! I couldn't wait to get to my hotel.

About four hours later, I arrived at the Sunny Skies Hotel, which was absolutely appraised by locals for being the best five-star hotel around.

That ocean scent. It was wonderful, and it filled the open air. My nostrils were wide open, able to comprehend and enjoy every particle of ocean breeze that gracefully entered and exited my lungs.

I got to my hotel room. 555, the sign outside it read. Hah, not today, Devil! The sun's too kind for me to rent 666!

I unpacked my stuff and laid down on the comfortable bed. I thought I should order some room service, so I enjoyed an absolutely amazing yet standard meal of bacon and eggs. What a wonderful meal.

Alas, after the meal, my stomach had started burning. Perhaps my stomach wasn't in the mood for the "Wakey Wakey, Eggs And Bac-y" special they had offered that today. It's alright, though. I was going to the beach soon, and I wouldn't get any burns there!

Before I left, number three went in.

I arrived at the beach with assistance from a Lyft driver who was quite the gentleman, if I did say so myself. I set up my beach chair and laid back, my sunglasses and hat on. A nice woman walked by and offered me a flower necklace. It would have been rude to refuse, so of course, I accepted! What a beautiful woman. She was nice, too. I hope she was as happy as I was.

I was laying down, and I realized that I was really thirsty. Like, really thirsty. I got up and walked to a convenience stand and ordered a water. I chugged it down, but I was still thirsty. And God, it got hot. My stomach was still burning and I started to sweat profusely. I got back in the car and drove to the hotel, going to my room 555. It was so nice to be at home.

I laid down, turning down the thermostat to a solid sixty. It was still so hot.

Oh, God, it burned. My sides. My stomach. They both burned. I needed to lay down.

And so I did. But, before I did, number four went in.

And now I'm here, stuck in 555's bathroom, puking my brains out into the toilet bowl. It's too bright. And the light is off. What can I do?

I can close my eyes.

No, no. The darkness is scary.

Pills! More pills, yes! I need more, seriously. The darkness is too much, and I can't handle going outside.

I need more.

And five goes in.


It all stopped?

The pills. They worked. But, now, I smell that ocean scent. God, it's strong.

It's a bit too strong.

Fuck, that's bright. Did it get hot in here?

Yeah, it did. I need to lay down.

Goodnight, Bahamas.

The Foundation agents stood in room 555, looking at the tablets on the nightstand. The lamp was on, and the package of capsules glowed profusely.

"Hot damn," Agent Salla said as he looked down at the capsules. He picked them up, turning them around to read the warning inscribed on the back.

"Moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull, tendency to depression? Obviously you are in lack of sunshine! Our range of supplements restores the vitality you need. Sunset Laboratories offer a wide range of solar radiation, from Borabora to the Maldives, Haiti and the Bahamas. Just ask your pharmacist. Read the instructions carefully. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. These Solar supplements are not intended to be a substitute to natural exposure. Avoid abusive use."

"Poor bastard. As least he was able to enjoy that sweet ocean scent before he went."

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