That Day In The Woods
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Bright and beautiful.
Always the best days.
“Go play in the woods.”
“But be safe.”
My Grandpa would say.

Down by the streams.
“Go catch me a fish.”
“Make it for dinner I will.”
My Grandpa insists.

Trees full of creatures.
A wonder to see.
It’s how I spent my time.
My Grandpa and me.

Living the dream.
The best it could be.
Until that fateful day.
I heard growls you see.

Grandpa came running.
With a large pointy stick.
Thrust through the beast he did.
It was rather quick.

Back to the cottage we went.
It wasn’t a long trip.
Scared and confused.
I made a bit of a fit.

Arrangements he made.
To my parents you see.
Grandpa insisted that.
They came and got me.

Back to the urban.
Only a matter of time.
Back with my parents.
Who wouldn’t give me a dime.

Grandpa said “It’s for the best.”
“Something I’ll get through.”
“See me next summer you will.”
“Don’t be that blue.”

A lie it was.
The last one I heard.
From my dear Grandpa.
Who died in the woods.

Or that's what they say.
The authorities did.
Believed it the truth.
They acted like kids.

Through fits and rage.
Part of me died.
Losing my Grandpa.
It hurt inside.

New goals I had.
I knew I must find.
Who is behind.
This horrible crime.

Years it took.
After my graduation.
I found who took him.
The SCP Foundation.

Hidden they were.
Far too powerful to beat.
Partners I needed.
It would be quite the feat.

An offer I got.
To complete my mission.
Signed up I needed to be.
With the Global Occult Coalition.

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