TF Alpha-440

Task Force Alpha-440 (aka "What the hell was that sound?") is a collaborative operation with personnel from all branches of the Foundation, dedicated to documenting and archiving audio from Foundation incidents, research projects, and operations. Any audio projects, so long as they involve some sort of SCP (including ones not on the main list), the Foundation, or one of the other organizations, are at home here.

As with Foundation Tales, if you're going to use someone else's SCP, try and get permission first, but if that's not possible (i.e. the author is either unknown, or not around any more) feel free to use it, but try and stick to the spirit of the SCP. This also applies to SCP researchers, agents, etc. If you're not sure, ask in the chat.

Remember, the stuff you write doesn't have to be canon to the rest of the site. There is no canon.

When posting audio dramas, do not forget to tag the page "audio".

Technical Note: When uploading audio, please compress to 64 Kbps, which will result in approximately FM Radio quality audio. One minute of audio compresses to a file size of approximately 0.45 MB (about 22:1 compression). It's not as nice as CD quality, but uncompressed audio of any appreciably more space.

Completed Audio Projects

These works have been completed and are ready to be heard.

When placing the story, put it in alphabetically. If it has multiple chapters, nest them inside the main link. If it's just a oneshot, just do it regularly. If you wish, you can add your name alphabetically to the list of authors. Also, if the story contains themes of an adult nature, put a warning on the front. Just in case.


Col. Hornby

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