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Status Renting
Demand High
Value 250USD/200GBP per Subject, 2300USD/1690.60GBP per Set (10 Subjects)
Availability Established Supply Chain
Identifier Test Subjects
Description Items are humanoid entities, identical in composure and physiology to that of a standard, non-anomalous Homo sapiens. Coming in sets sorted by biological sex, items are entirely obedient towards their thaumaturgically-linked owner(s); they will listen to any physically possible order. Items do not require nutrition or rest to survive, staying in place when not ordered otherwise. Despite not being sentient, items react with the entire spectrum of human emotions to appropriate stimuli.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Initial Report
Author Iris Dark (Project Lead) Date November 10, 2021
Interest High Identifier Test Subjects
The lack of testing subjects is a problem plaguing practically every single anomalous organization known to man — from the D-Class of the SCP Foundation to the human sacrifices of the Daeva, every single Organization has, at some point, come across the simple need for more men. The harsh truth however is that humans don't grow on trees — or, rather, normal humans don't grow on trees — and even if they did, maintaining a healthy person to properly use in tests is an extremely expensive endeavor. MC&D, however, realized it doesn't need to be that way.

During my most recent trip to the newly-rebuilt Adytum, I was greeted by something that piqued my interest like nothing ever has. You see, the most wonderful feast I was lucky enough to take part in was served by human-like artificial golems, entirely obedient to their creators, tailored by the magic of the students of Grand Karcist Ion's sorcery. And, despite that night having so many other unique and mind-consuming emotions, I could not get those simple minions out of my head. And so I began to think.

With a team made up of a few of our capitalistic Nälkän friends and a couple of paid specialists over at Prometheus, we were able to recreate something similar to what I witnessed, except in a much better form. With a leap of science as big as that of our old days, the company was able to introduce a way to fix all issues with the previously mentioned problem. Introducing B82SW/9KL74/Y4P1K: artificially grown, unconscious humans, accelerated to maturity with the magic of Yaldabaoth and controlled remotely by the combination of Prometheus technology and rituals performed by MC&D specialists. Fully clean of corruption, despite their Sarkic origins, and controlled by a net of thaumaturgically-neural conductors throughout their brain, they will come in handy to any firm, person, or organization big enough to face the aforementioned problem.

Now available for a price lower than normal human maintenance, 'Test Subjects' will listen to any order, as long as it's physically possible. From the simplest of household problems to the most hedonistic and sophisticated needs of their master, these thoughtless beings will always be there to listen.
File Opened Under: B82SW/9KL74/Y4P1K
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Inventory Information
Owner Quantity Comments
Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. ~30 000 Current production of items kept in storage for further sales.
Prometheus Labs ~500 A partial group of items and their previous iterations kept in storage in a MC&D-rented labratory for further enchancement of the product, remainder of items used for personal usage.
Numerous Sarkic cults ~20 000 30 instances gifted as MC&D's part of the initial deal regarding their cooperation in the creation of item, remainder bought by numerous cults.
Numerous locales ~100 000 Items distributed worldwide to a plethora of minor anomalous groups and establishments.
Other individual clients ~21 000 N/A
The SCP Foundation ~50 000 The most active client of B82SW/9KL74/Y4P1K out of any other groups; actively established a ten-year contract for regular shipments of item.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

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