Test Log 433-031
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Test 433-001: This was the first attempt at performing the ritual detailed within SCP-433. All instructions were followed precisely by Dr. █████████ and several junior researchers. In the video log (which has since been destroyed), the instant the final step of the ritual was performed, a loud crash can be heard and the entire ritual area, including Dr. █████████ and his assistants, vanished. The area was instantly replaced by a large, spherical block of stone. Analysis reveals the stone to be made of ordinary granite, with no detectable anomalies in its composition. Neither Dr. █████████ nor his assistants have been located. By order of O5-█, all further testing with SCP-433 must be performed using Class D personnel only.

Test 433-002: SCP-433 is performed by █ Class D personnel. Upon activation, the ritual area and all participants vanished, leaving behind a section of dirt of roughly the same dimensions. The dirt was dark purple in color, and contained several plants of unknown species. Analysis of the air revealed it to have apparently been replaced as well; gas samples taken revealed the nitrogen and methane concentrations in the room to have increased by 5% and 2% respectively, while the oxygen concentration dropped by 6%. The actual concentrations in the replaced air are theorized to have been of a greater difference than that, due to the mixing of the gases upon completion of the ritual.

Tests 433-003, 433-004, 433-005, and 433-006: Several attempts at performing SCP-433 were made while using slightly varied procedures and items than listed in document 433-001.

Test 433-003: Plutonium-238 replaced with Plutonium-239. No result.

Test 433-004: One human skull is replaced with the skull of an orangutan. No result.

Test 433-005: Step 7 is omitted from the ritual. No result.

Test 433-006: ██ individuals, instead of █, are included in the ritual area. SCP-433 activates successfully. The ritual area is removed, but no solid matter replaces it. Instead, the entire ritual area is replaced by gas of concentrations similar to those from Test 433-002.

Test 433-007: Ritual performed successfully, following exact procedures outlined in document 433-001. Ritual area is replaced by a sand-water-salt mixture, similar but not identical in composition to that of ocean water. Several fish-like creatures of unknown species are brought as well. The creatures expired shortly after arriving. Dissection of the creatures, despite being interesting from a biological standpoint, yielded no useful information as to the nature of SCP-433.

Test 433-008: Ritual performed successfully, following exact procedures outlined in document 433-001. Upon activation, the ritual area was replaced with a half-sphere composed of a dark-brown clay. Standing in the center of the circle was a previously unknown creature, hereby designated SCP-433-1. While vaguely humanoid in appearance, it possessed several chitin-like plates covering various parts of its body. SCP-433-1 was approximately 3 m tall, with grey skin and no discernible eyes or mouth. For approximately 6 seconds after SCP-433-1 appeared, all personnel in the area reported vividly seeing a rapid succession of images, after the conclusion of which SCP-433-1 raised its arms and vanished. With it vanished the entire area that had been transferred; the original ritual area then reappeared, complete with terrain, objects, and participants. All ritual participants, without exception, had been dismembered; legs, arms, and heads were separated from their respective bodies via perfectly smooth, clean cuts. As well, the [DATA EXPUNGED] at the center of the ritual circle had been shattered.

All personnel reported the images to be as follows:

  • A group of nude humans appearing to perform SCP-433.1
  • A human skeleton with an instance of SCP-433-1 standing over it.
  • A large modern city, believed to be [REDACTED], lying in ruins.
  • The night side of the Earth as seen from space. No lights are evident.
None of the affected individuals reported any lasting effects from the experience.

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