Termination Log SCP-1016
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Surveillance Log x219███, Date █-██-███

(Dr. Gears enters Containment area for SCP-1016-D)

Dr. Gears: “Good morning SCP-1016.”

SCP-1016: “Hiya Doc! And it’s ‘Ben’, remember?”

Dr. Gears: “I have been informed of your civilian designation. I request that you accompany me to Testing Area 8-B for evaluation and testing of your ‘wireless’ connection to the Internet.”

SCP-1016: “Hey, I already said I wouldn’t do anything you guys don’t want me to. Besides, you can’t really block me…I’m behind seven proxies!” (Several seconds of laughter)

Dr. Gears: “…if you would accompany me immediately, we can conclude testing in a timely fashion.”

SCP-1016: (appears somewhat hurt and sulking) “…Ok. Jeeze, lighten up man…”

(Dr. Gears and SCP-1016 exit the containment area. Site Maintenance enters after several minutes and begins collection and disposal of SCP-1016 personal effects.)

Excerpt from Termination Order 1881712-DDrt-1016:

“..Due to our continued inability to prevent SCP-1016 from accessing the internet, its extremely destructive and poorly-controlled rage states, and multiple containment breaches via unauthorized server access, it has been determined that SCP-1016, in its current state, is too much of a security risk. Measures MK118 and A-517 are to be taken immediately, to reduce…”

Surveillance Log x8B11███, Date █-██-███

(Dr. Gears and SCP-1016 enter testing area 8-B)

SCP-1016: “Holy crap…that’s a big friggin’ server! What’s with all the tools…want me to take it apart for ya? Or maybe I get to upgrade again!” (Several seconds of laughter)

Dr. Gears: “No, however you will be interacting with this system today. There is a file sequence inside this system that has become deeply encrypted. Please decrypt and access it.”

SCP-1016: “Sweet! Hey doc, can you get me some vitamins? I’m hungry as hell…this shouldn’t take long at all, I’ll be done by the time you’re back!”

Dr. Gears: “I am required to remain present for the entirety of the testing period.”

SCP-1016: “Okay, fine… whatever, man” (mumbles several inaudible words, before closing eyes and ‘interfacing” with the provided server.

(Eight minutes pass without incident, apart from small grunts or laughter from SCP-1016)

SCP-1016: “Phew, that thing was buried! Still, nothing…I…what is…WWWWWHAAA(inarticulate noises)

(SCP-1016 begins to thrash on the floor, holding its skull and bashing its forehead several times into the ground. Several fluids begin to leak from the body of SCP-1016, later identified as oil, coolant, and silicone)

Dr. Gears: “Initial contact made. Initiating second stage decommissioning.”

(Dr. Gears removes several screwdrivers and a large set of pliers from a tool case. SCP-1016 appears to be slowing down.)

Excerpt from Termination Order 1881712-DDrt-1016:

“…While the full destruction of SCP-1016 is warranted, the individual components have a level of research value that precludes this action. Memetic Kill Agent 11010 will be issued directly to the processing centers of SCP-1016, “burning out” the areas controlling personality, will, and other psychological traits. This will revert SCP-1016 to a “component parts” state, thereby allowing the initiation of the second stage of decommissioning.

Stage two will involve the physical break down of SCP-1016. Non-essential biological components are to be disposed of, with essential biological components fitted with nutrient bath capsules to sustain operations. The bulk of the components…”

Post-Incident psychological evaluation transcript excerpt:

Dr. Glass: "Alright, let's see here… so, you doing okay Gears? Everything okay up there?"

Dr. Gears: "I assure you, my mental state is in no way impaired."

Dr. Glass: "So, I heard you decommissioned Ben."

Dr. Gears: "This is correct. That is in fact, the reason for this evaluation. I expect you were aware of this."

Dr. Glass: "Uh .. yeah. So, listen, how are you feeling about that? No .. guilt, or regret, or angst of any sort?"

Dr. Gears: "No sir. I was asked to perform my duty in as timely and efficient manner as possible. I did so. I do not see the reason for possible mental or emotional degradation.”

Dr. Glass: "Well, you just cooked the brains of a partially living being until they leaked out of his head."

Dr. Gears: "I still fail to see…"

Dr. Glass: "You tore out …"

Dr. Gears: "… the possible cause of …"

Dr. Glass: "His heart, with a screwdriver, while it was still beating…"

Dr. Gears: (Silence)

Dr. Glass: (Silence)

Dr. Gears: "SCP-1016 needed to be decommissioned. I did so. The physical configuration of SCP-1016 makes no difference."

Dr. Glass. "Right, well, how does this make you feel?" [Holds up a flash card of a cartoon kitten about to be run over by a truck]

Dr. Gears: "I don't understand. It appears imminent that the kitten is -"

Dr. Glass: "Yeah, okay, the usual."

Dr. Gears: "Are we done here then?"

Dr. Glass: "Yessir. I'll just keep you under 'axiomatic preoccupations with duty, and complete lack of empathy' as always. Good eve, Gears."

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