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The Telecommunications Monitoring Office is the Foundation department in charge of a widespread surveillance programme, most notably of emergency services calls across the globe.

Other departments cover the Internet and most broadcast media: the TMO's remit is limited to person-to-person communication media, mostly the telephone. This still leaves plenty of data to sift though, even after filtering is done by algorithms (ESAS - Emergency Services Anomaly Screening) to try and spot calls that might be describing anomalous phenomena; the TMO's single most common activity is simply listening to calls to try and work out if anything anomalous is going on. Most often, it isn't.

The TMO does also intervene as well as surveil, when it's placed to do so: operatives sometimes intervene on phone calls to help members of the public encountering an anomaly, and even can dispatch agents where appropriate. But they don't directly contain or research anything; that's all the responsibility of other departments.

As such, while it's a critical part of Foundation infrastructure, and is the method by which a significant percentage of anomalies are first discovered, it's not generally considered that prestigious place to be assigned to. Much of its workforce is comprised of Level 1 clearance operatives, who spend their days listening in on calls, over and over.

These are their stories.

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