Tedlyanderson Author Page

Name: Ted "Tedly" Anderson

Security Clearance: Level 3

Duties: Exploration and description of hyper-real dimensions

Location: Site -1

History: Anderson was a promising researcher into textual SCPs when a completely unexpected and irreproducible interaction between SCPs-████ and -████ sent him hurtling into a meta-dimension in which the SCP Foundation is nothing but the crazed scribblings of various internet personalities on an easily-edited website. Though Anderson has been able to make contact with the "real" Foundation, at present he is posted in this meta-dimension to research its peculiarities—in particular its seeming total lack of anomalous objects.

SCPs discovered, unearthed, found, located, or otherwise described:

Achievements achieved:

  • Hall of Fame (article rated +> 100)
  • Batting Average Champion (at least 3 surviving articles for every deletion)
  • Home Run Derby (average rating for all articles > 30)
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