Tanhony's Proposal II
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Does the black moon howl?


Last Updated: 24/12, After Names

Item #: SCP-001-TOME

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-TOME is to remain in orbit around Remus-9-224, now believed to be the last remaining star. All operation of SCP-001-TOME is to be directed by the Commander — however, preparations are to be made so SCP-001-TOME can operate autonomously in the event that the Commander is obliterated. This will ensure that SCP-001-TOME can remain operational as long as possible following the extinction of conscious life.

All signals intercepted by SCP-001-TOME are to be recorded and filed within its central computer. In order to prevent other entities from attempting to salvage or take control of SCP-001-TOME, no signals are to be sent out from the station under any circumstances.

The Singular Conceptual Bunker (SCB) located within SCP-001-TOME is not to be disturbed under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-001-TOME is an installation designed to serve as a memorial following the extinction of conscious life via intercepting the final transmissions of civilizations prior to obliteration. It is spherical in shape, fifty meters in diameter, and concealed from detection using a number of cloaking systems. In order to remain functioning as long as possible, the engine contained at the heart of SCP-001-TOME is capable of producing power via the harvesting of ambient hypothetical energy.

The artificial intelligence operating SCP-001-TOME's systems also serves as a filter for signals being intercepted, allowing the majority of junk data to be deleted while retaining statements of historical and sentimental value. Note that this artificial intelligence has not passed the Yover Test, and is thus not conscious enough to qualify for obliteration.

Following the simultaneous obliteration of two-hundred and nine human colonies in the year 7329, it was determined that the continued existence of conscious life was no longer possible. In order to ensure information regarding conscious life survived as long as possible, the previously defunct SCP-001-TOME project was revived and launched.

At the time of writing, SCP-001-TOME has been operation for [BUFFER_OVERFLOW] years.

Addendum 001-TOME-01 (Transmission Record)

The following is a record of relevant transmissions filed within SCP-001-TOME. Note that this is only a partial record — a full database is stored within the SCP-001-TOME computers.

Location: Lucifer, Human Colony
Filed By: The Commander

Message: "Hello, is there anyone here? We — we require assistance! There's … it's … it's taking people every day! We need help! There's barely anyone left! We need help! Hello? Hello?!"

Location: Venn-Guabala, Anti-Human Religious Site
Filed By: The Commander

Message: "Cabal 09:43! We have abandoned the false flesh! We have abandoned the false flesh! The shepherds crook broken 'neath my knee! Cabal 09:43! Cabal 09:43! Forgive us! Forgive us!"

Location: Kitchen Sink, Human Colony
Filed By: The Commander

Message: "We're going to leave this on. It's so dark outside now. It's blotting out the sun. It's … I have to go now."

Location: X92, Android Commune
Automatically Filed


Location: Ocean Hate, Thoughtspace
Automatically Filed

Message: "My fault. Your fault. Our fault. My fault. Your fault. Our fault. My fault. Your fault. Our fault. Rip out my brain now. Rip out my brain now!"

Location: Earth, Human Homeworld
Automatically Filed

Message: "Hello1?"

Location: Solitary Conceptual Bunker
Automatically Filed

Message: "It's ready. Wish me luck."

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