Tanhony's Proposal II
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Does the black moon howl?


Last Updated: 12/10/1987

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All information gained from study of other anomalies which could potentially be of use in counteracting SCP-001 is to be transmitted to Site-01. Any obliterations are to be recorded in as much detail as possible for reference when studying SCP-001 and potential countermeasures.

All containment and neutralization efforts for SCP-001 are under the direct command of the Administrator at Site-01.

Description: SCP-001 is an entropic entity of significant power and influence believed to reside somewhere outside of conventional reality. In the majority of pre-Foundation records, SCP-001 is referred to as 'the Black Moon'1.

Historical records, along with testimony from the Administrator, indicate that SCP-001's influence upon the material world consists of the sudden and random obliteration of conscious organisms. This obliteration consists of the organisms in question being spontaneously transmuted into a solid black substance, which then disappears entirely four seconds later2.

According to the Administrator, this obliteration is exceedingly rare — occurring only once every few decades — but he claims that the frequency and speed of these obliterations will increase exponentially over time. It is currently unknown whether SCP-001 possesses actual intelligence or simply acts as an impartial force.

Information on SCP-001 obtained from numerous historical and pre-historical sources suggests that it is incapable of acting while being directly observed. These sources cannot be proven as reliable, however, as none list incidents of this approach actually being successful. In addition, due to the fact that SCP-001 does not exist in conventional reality and acts remotely, direct observation of it is not currently possible.

Due to the fact that — if the Administrator's hypothesis is correct — SCP-001 has the potential to present a total existential threat if left to its own devices, the execution of Project Oromasdes has been approved. Project Oromasdes consists of the intentional creation and modification of anomalous objects in order to aid in the containment or neutralization of SCP-001.

Addendum 001-1:

For further information on direct containment efforts for SCP-001, refer to attached file.

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