Tales From the Bright Side Chapter 1.5
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Tales from the Bright Side 1.5

Intermission: Back to the Return of the Son of the Future Strikes Back


The young man blinks as the VR helmet rises, attempting to sort through the various memories now in his head. His furrowed brow turns towards his waiting teacher. "I don't grok, sir."

The old man leans on his staff, his own head above the skull that tops it. "Go on."

"What is 'God'?" The student can find no equivalent reference in his studies.

"Outmoded concept. Creator Myths." The man smiles, with a twinkle in his eye. "Anything else?"

"682. Still active. No solution?"

"No, sadly." The man clucks under his breath. "No solution. Keep studying."

Once more, the boy dons the helmet, submerging himself in his studies. His teacher watches him for a moment, then glances at the yellowed skull that tops his staff. "I don't know, Kondraki, they just don't make them like you anymore. I should be glad… but I miss the challenge."

End Intermission

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