Tale of 13
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The following document was recovered on a raid of a Serpents Hand safehouse in ██████, Indiana. It was labeled as a fragment of a larger document, known in occult circles as 'The Book of Beginnings' or 'The Book of Foundations.' Recovery of the rest of this book has been labeled as a high priority by O5-6. The document has been translated from the original Coptic Egyptian, and may contain mistranslations. Where other translations may apply, the other options have been offered.

but the days of Chaos have always been numbered
for it is Order which always comes as has been fortold
out of the (swirling) Chaos did come One who sought less not more
and this One did (bend) his will to nothing but Order

but Order welded by One of Chaos leads to more Chaos
and so the one did seek out more, to bestow his (gifts/curse/body)
those that would aid him
and two who would betray him

first did he go to the (House) where another of Order and Chaos did dwell
he spoke to the other and offered of himself
the other did agree to aid in his (quest/task)
but took no part of the One

then did he seek out a man of stoney (demeanor/mind)
whom could make numbers dance to his whim
the One did take of his head
did make of himself a
did place himself upon that brow
to show what really was

the third was found in the (gutter/undercity)
drunk on lies
the One gave of his mouth
so his teeth might (bite/injure/hold) Chaos

he plucked forth his eye
that she of the (unknown/misplaced) mind
might see for once

the One sought out metal from the (stars/sky/blood)
and did forge of it a blade
he set his own fingers to it as a hilt
before bestowing it upon the (multiple/shattered/divided) mind
and did (best bestow sanity flames poured hunting sphere)

his muscles were braided together into a stout ring
and he went down amongst the (unbelievers/heretics/lesser beings)


Fountains of blood
hidden behind sheets of (evil/nothing)
the birthing cries of a new god
decry the pain of
one betrayed who waits not
with the arm of the One in her hair

of his shin
a stout defense
those who die but do not end

and of his skin were tanned boots
that wherever the walking man should stand
the world would stop moving
and be unknown to the Chaos that (breeds/devours/replaces)

to the betrayer he offered his ribs
of no use but in hiding
for those that dwell in (darkness/shadow/outdoors)
look not on the betrayed

wearied, the One sought respite in his favored one
but she too did ask of his body
that she might hear the Chaos when it called
and know its true form

lastly did he give of his heart
to she who returns
time and again
and the advice of ages
for she might know it

the One did look upon what he had wrought
the (beginning/foundation) of those who would impose order with his body
and he was pleased
and did he hide himself away, that they might
do his bidding

and he forsaw the gathering (animate building/warehouse/plant)
that would raise and create those he had given himself to
even if they did not know it

darkness comes
light to follow
be known to it
and secure

The last page is ripped, the ending of the document unknown.

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