Take It Away, My Darling

To whom it may concern,

The world is a weird and wonderful place. Though my stay here was short, I could not have picked a better place to be. The earth, with its cultures, its peoples, its oceans, its continents. Its forests. Its deserts. Its tundras. The earth, where you can fly around the globe in two days. The universe, where stars and planets circle around us, or we circle them; sometimes it's hard to tell. I've met many on my journey. I feel blessed for each and every one of them. Both those who I befriended, and those who challenged me. If I could list one regret, it is that I could not do more.

And yet, though my body has stopped moving, and my lungs have stopped drawing breath, and my heart has stopped beating, and my mind has stopped thinking… though I've turned into dirt, and though there is a hole beneath a tree where I was buried. Though all these things, I am not fully dead. Without eyes, I can not see. Without ears, I can not hear. But I know someone who can. Someone whose hands even now steer what was once my ship, sailing by what were once my stars. My sweetheart, my… daughter.

I've never been much of a storyteller. I've never been much of anything, heheh. But don't hear it from me…

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Book 1: Stories My Dad Told Me

Chapter 1: Elliot & Edna Had a Son Named Tim
Chapter 2: Dad Goes to the Zoo
Chapter 3: Blake Tillerson
Chapter 4: Diving in the San Diego Sea
Additional Reading: Cardiac Myxoma
Chapter 5: The Beginnings of Love
Chapter 6: & the Endings Thereof
Chapter 7: Alice Özdemir
Chapter 8: Anders & Robin
Additional Reading: I Get It
Chapter 9: Wilson's Wildlife Shelter
Chapter 10: Letters from Oregon
Chapter 11: Audrey Fuchs
Chapter 12: The Supervisors
Additional Reading: The Ursus Maritimus Incident
Chapter 13: Disconnect
Additional Reading: SCP-3879
Chapter 14: Fae Goes to the Shelter
Chapter 15: The Years Between
Chapter 16: Tim Wilson
Intermission: Escapism I

Book 2: Stories I Tell Myself

Chapter 1: Tim & Audrey Had a Daughter Named Fae
Chapter 2: The Old New
Chapter 3: Out of Stasis
Chapter 4: Old Connections
Chapter 5: The Fundraiser
Chapter 6: A Welcome Distraction
Chapter 7: The Conspiracy to Learn
Chapter 8: Bring Me With You
Chapter 9: Taking the Hand
Chapter 10: Shaking Foundation
Chapter 11: Magic is Fleeting
Chapter 12: Cautious Eyes
Chapter 13: Clipped
Chapter 14: Alex Molina
Chapter 15: Anders Wilson
Additional Reading: All the Details
Chapter 16: Robin Wilson
Intermission: Escapism II

Book 3: Stories I'll Tell My Kids

Chapter 1: TBA
Chapter 2: TBA
Chapter 3: TBA
Chapter 4: TBA
Chapter 5: TBA
Chapter 6: TBA
Chapter 7: TBA
Chapter 8: TBA
Chapter 9: TBA
Chapter 10: TBA
Chapter 11: TBA
Chapter 12: TBA
Chapter 13: TBA
Chapter 14: TBA
Chapter 15: TBA
Chapter 16: TBA
Epilogue: Escapism III

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