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Hello, fellow wiki users! My name is Sergio of the So You Think You Can Fanon podcast. I'm a 23-year-old Grad student currently studying biology. My primary focus as an author is…. all over the place! I tend to write whatever comes to my heart but primarily I focus on comedy articles and humanoids with a dash of seriousness when it calls for it.

Whether I contribute by interviewing SCP personalities and authors on our show or reading SCPs, and also writing them; I'm glad to be a part of the community.

Check out my podcast and other links here:

If you are interested in more works in my world, please visit The-Ninth-World-Hub to see the full list of stories people have made with my concepts and characters.

If you would like to write for the Ninth World, please just shoot me a Wikidot PM. I'd love to collaborate on any ideas you may have. Please do not PM me asking to explain downvotes.

SCP-6419 — Izanami's Grimoire

[+44] (15 comments)

Story Description: Part 1 of the Set of Nine. Izanami's Grimoire is an anomalous book that manipulates reality to kill those who touch it or view its pages. The Chaos Insurgency and the Foundation soon find themselves under its nefarious control.

SCP-6952 — Hephaestus's Anomalous Weapons Manual

[+60] (8 comments)

Part 2 of the Set of Nine. The Valravn Corporation offers the Foundation a manual that can create any weapon its user desires in exchange for knowledge of SCP-6755. Clearly, there is more to this mystery than meets the eye…

AAR-7890-Logovo-Volka — Valravn GOI Format

[+28] (4 comments)

Side story. The Valravn Corporation goes hunting for the rest of the Set as the origin of the Sword Maidens is revealed.

SCP-7990 — dado guide to designer rugs

[+66] (10 comments)

Part 3 of the Set of Nine. Dado throws his hat into the anomalous book game with Volume X of the Set of Nine while Maria and Chudley make a discovery about the author of the Set.

SCP-7261 — Interview with a Tlahuelpuuchi

[+116] (11 comments)

Side story. Researcher Johnston is deployed to Mexico to deal with reports of a juvenile murder spree. The anomaly is captured but a deep plot involving a Undeath cult and the ninth book of the Set is revealed.

SCP-5938 — Seshat's PDF of Programmable Cognitohazards

[+31] (5 comments)

Part 4 of the Set of Nine. Gamers Against Weed gets their hands on this piece of the Set of Nine that allows them to create anomalous ads to further their agenda.

Revelations-of-the-Author — SCP Tale

[+17] (1 comments)

Part 5 of the Set of Nine. With no leads and SCP-5938 currently unverified, Chudley and Johnston attempt to cross-test it with the Set of Nine that they have.

Secure-Facility-Dossier-Site-78 — Secure-Facility-Dossier-Site-78

[+14] (2 comments)

Get to know the ins and outs of Site-78 as told by Researcher Johnston and Greg Chudley. They'll need your help, new recruit.

Lost Souls-Broken-Toys-Chapter-1 — SCP Tale

[+20] (4 comments)

Part 6 of the Set of Nine. Johnston returns to work after a sabbatical but the shadow of her sister and Corra's influence still loom over her head.

Lost Souls-Broken-Toys-Chapter-2 — SCP Tale

[+14] (1 comments)

Part 7 of the Set of Nine. Johnston's mission against the Sin Nombre becomes more than she bargain for once the horrors of combat begin to settle in. Meanwhile, Sam's mother has returned with vision of "paradise" for her daughter.

SCP-7233 — The Astroneer

[+60] (9 comments)

Side Story. The anomalous space traveler, The Astroneer and his plucky biographer, Felix have encountered the Foundation many times over the course of a century. Funnily enough, he might just be the key to locating the mysterious Theta Prime of Nine.

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