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It had taken a long time and a lot of practice, but he was now able to draw pretty well. Or at least he thought so. He could also write well enough that he could ask for just about anything he could think of. The guards were fairly nice most of the time and usually did their best to get him what he wanted, but there were a lot of things that he wasn't allowed to have. Whenever those kind of requests were denied he would also invariably get a short lecture about having to stay healthy and eat right and all the other things that his mother would normally have said. All in all, it was almost like being home again, except that he wasn't very good at video games any more and he couldn't see any of his friends.

They did let him watch TV whenever he wanted, though, which was nice of them. He wasn't really good at keeping track of the date, so it was through watching that he realized that it was that time of the year again. He remembered from last year the time he'd spent under the careful, loving watch of his parents, running around the neighborhood with his best friends, gathering an enormous hoard of candy that their parents were careless in hiding afterwards and how sick they'd gotten afterwards.

It wasn't until several minutes later that he realized what he'd been drawing while his mind wandered, and as he looked down at the jack-o-lanterns and children in costumes that he'd doodled, his heart sank. Screeching angrily at himself for dwelling on things he couldn't have any more, he dropped the crayon and retreated to the back corner of his room. He didn't come out for several hours, even ignoring the guard that was his favorite when he asked what was wrong. If he noticed the sympathetic frown on the guard's face as the man pored over his drawings before eventually disappearing from the room, he didn't care.

As all children eventually do, he stopped sulking and came out of hiding, too hungry and thirsty to stay angry at himself. If he were capable of rubbing his eyes, he would have done so, as he stared open-mouthed at the (to him, at least) enormous pile of treasure that had appeared while he wasn't looking. Every kind of candy he ever loved, even the ones that his parents wouldn't let him have because they were "too bad for him", were sitting there just for him. Maybe, just maybe, this Halloween wouldn't be so bad after all.

A severe reprimand and administrative action have been levied against Agent Johnson due to his involvement and responsibility in Incident 1192-09, as his willful violation of standard procedure in his handling of SCP-1192 could have resulted in grave physical damage to the specimen.

While Agent Johnson's career service vitae speaks much of his experience in the field and normally excellent handling of sapient objects, his poor judgment in this incident put him, his coworkers, and the Special Containment objects under their care in danger and such unprofessional behavior cannot be tolerated at the Foundation. Effectively immediately, Agent Johnson is to be transferred to Observation Post █-██ for a period of no less than twelve (12) months, during which he will have plenty of time to reflect upon his priorities.

Dr. █████████
Senior Observer

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