SyFy Channel Presents: BEARMAGGEDON!!!
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Extranormal Event #: 2016-045
Date of Occurrence: 01/1/2016
Event Description: From approximately 6:00 pm to 11:00pm a broadcast overwrote the regularly scheduled programming for a number of television channels with an unknown film. Immediately after its release, the film secured a rating of -[REDACTED] on Rotten Tomatoes, and multiple individuals attempted to file lawsuits against the broadcasting networks for “mind fuckery [sic] and crimes against humanity.”
Follow-up Actions Taken: Visual Class-A amnestics were distributed through the use of the Neptune Protocol. All digital information pertaining to the film, with the exception of a single copy, were expunged by Foundation web crawlers. As per standard procedure, the film was shown during the weekly “Super Crappy Philm night.” There were no survivors. See Incident Report 2016-045 for a list of both physical and mental casualties.

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