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The following document was received on 08.10.2026 from the relict dimension R-42 and describes an anomaly threatening all members of humankind in all extant worlds. It has been established that, before the message was received, a signal had been emitted for eight minutes, containing an exceptionally powerful (stability and penetration class 5) cognitohazard of danger class 0 (safe). The Foundation was unable to counteract this anomaly, but no residual symptoms of it affecting the minds of Earth denizens have been found to this day. There is a high threat of repeated cognitohazardous or other forms of attack from dimension R-42. According to the latest measurements, dimension R-42 no longer exists.

The following message tested negative for hidden memetic agents and is safe to read.

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You are reading this dossier in a paradimension of the relict dimension R-42.

Due to the colossal size of your world's address, for your convenience, your dimension will be hereafter referred to as "PD".

The following message has been constructed by the SCP Foundation of the relict dimension R-42 and is addressed to the SCP Foundation of paradimension PD. Enclosed you will find information about SCP-001, which is a threat to the multiverse.

As you may have noticed, this message was preceded by a burst signal containing a non-dangerous cognitohazard. The burst signal was constructed in such a way that minimal change to the signal would have caused indiscriminate and overwhelming casualties among the denizens of PD. As you can see, R-42 is capable of eliminating the absolute majority of PD denizens but has not exercised this capability. In the context of the above, we ask you to consider this action not as an act of aggression, but as a demonstration of the fact that R-42 has no pretension for conquest or other forms of aggression towards PD. Take the following information in earnest.


Schematic depiction of R-42's and PD's locations in the multiverse

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Paradox-Apollyon1

Special Containment Procedures: The only known way to guarantee destruction of the anomaly and avoidance of the ZK-Class cross-reality failure event is the full annihilation (or fundamental change) of humankind. The list of possible measures to push back (or completely avert) the incoming 001-ZK event has been outlined below.

Problem Description: SCP-001 consists of all living members of the Homo sapiens species without exception. These currently include humans living in the relict dimension R-42 and the PD paradimension. The anomaly first came into existence and developed in the relict dimension R-42, and later activated in PD by accident. Unchecked growth of SCP-001 will cause annihilation of the entire multiverse.

It is known to our researchers that, at the moment of the Big Bang, the formation of a finite number of parallel dimensions (57 in total) happened in an event referred to as "Alpha". Creation of new dimensions in natural conditions (without disruption) is impossible. Due to unknown causes humanity came to exist in only one of the 57 relict dimensions - in dimension R-42.

The danger to reality that SCP-001 poses lies in its anomalous capability for wide-scale replication of paradimensions. This term refers to a parallel reality which has an extremely small deviation from its "parent". It is known that any conceived human decision (even those completely inconsequential) occurring within time complements the multiverse with N paradimensions (where N is the number of choices in the decision), wherein a unique resolution to the event occurs in each. As such, dimensions housing living instances of SCP-001 uncontrollably "grow" a colossal number of minimally differing paradimensions every second.

Other relict dimensions (R-01 to R-57, barring R-42) do not have paradimensions, as humanity has not come to exist in those dimensions due to unknown causes, and as such, all processes therein follow natural physical laws only. R-42's SCP Foundation is not aware of whether other relict dimensions contain other forms of sapient life, but even if it does exist, there is no sign of further paradimension replication in those dimensions.

R-42's analytics have determined a ceiling on the colossal amount of paradimensions, surpassing which will destroy the multiverse as a whole. This value is referred to as "Omega". There is no visual way to represent this number, an estimation of "Omega" is enclosed in the Addenda and can only be deduced through a cascade of highly challenging mathematical calculations. In roughest estimation, accounting for the current speed of approach of the number of parallel dimensions to "Omega", predictions for growth of PD's populace, and the worst-case scenario (full refusal of your paradimension to counteract the anomaly), the death of the multiverse (also known as the ZK-Class cross-reality failure event) can be expected to occur within 0.3 years ± 2 months after the reception of this message.

The paradimensions created through replication exist in a state of "existence uncertainty" (or "stasis"). While indirectly affecting the stability of the multiverse and objectively forming due to the effects of SCP-001, each paradimension does not exhibit signs of its existence due to the lack of any physical processes within it. This state is broken after opening a spacetime tunnel into the dimension. At that moment the "existence uncertainty" ends and the paradimension begins to "exist" in the full meaning of this term. All physical processes begin to flow as if they always have been from the Big Bang to the moment of the dimension's formation. Due to the fact that new beings (humans, SCP-001) come into existence with the abolition of "existence uncertainty", this dimension becomes a source of paradimension replication in itself.

You and your paradimension PD were created approximately 17.4 R-42-years ago and afterwards remained in a state of "existence uncertainty" for an extended period of time (from R-42's point of view). Emergence from this state and beginning of you and your dimension's factual existence happened approximately 0.7 PD-years ago after an exploratory portal from R-42 was briefly opened into your world. As such, the society of R-42 technologically and historically surpasses PD by approximately 16.7 years, which has allowed R-42's SCP Foundation to discover SCP-001 and develop computing solutions of colossal scale, which in turn considerably advanced the research of this anomaly.

History of R-42 society's efforts against the anomaly: SCP-001 was discovered by Foundation researchers approximately 5.1 R-42-years ago. The "Omega" value was calculated soon after, and the fact of the number of extant parallel dimensions' catastrophically quick approach to that limit was found. A special research group from relict dimension R-42 began developing methods of complete or partial suppression of paradimension replication to prevent (or postpone by any possible measure of time) the occurrence of a ZK-class cross-reality failure event.

Unfortunately, R-42's SCP Foundation had to go to extreme measures to delay the ZK-Class event as much as possible. Operations "Castling" and "Minimal Gain" were developed for that purpose.

The O5 Council assembled Roster-1, which included all persons who have vital scientific or other importance to SCP-001 research, and Roster-2, which included all persons who were needed to perform fieldwork during the interim period of Operation "Minimum Gain". To enhance morale, one family member (of choice) per person was included in each list.

As a result of actions undertaken, the cross-reality failure event has been delayed by a considerable margin, and the speed of approach has been slowed to a minimum.

The most prospective paths of development at that moment were the creation of will- and reasoning variability-dampening devices, as well as projects around delegating the consciousnesses of all survivors to a central processing unit. Under most modest estimations, accounting for highly limited human resources, the realization of these projects would take 9 to 15 years out of those available (at the moment) to the Foundation before the onset of the ZK-Class event.

Unfortunately, at the time very little was known about paradimensions themselves, and the "existence uncertainty" theory had not been developed as of yet. Various researchers proposed a theory that lack of paradimension replication from paradimensions (a process visually akin to an uncontrolled fission reaction) could signify that humans existing in them were not SCP-001, and that, as such, they could be excellent test material for R-42. The O5 Council made a decision to begin development on technology to open a cross-dimension spacetime tunnel into a random paradimension based on remaining anomalous materials at the Foundation's disposal for the purpose of studying it. This paradimension turned out to be your paradimension, PD.

The portal developed by R-42 specialists proved to be highly unstable. The Foundation personnel could not choose a paradimension to enter (PD became the target by chance); additionally, after having existed for an insubstantial period of time (approximately two days), the spacetime tunnel spontaneously closed. At that same time, it was discovered that your world became a source of paradimensions in itself. When considered along with the fact that PD existed in precisely the state R-42 was in at the moment of PD's creation, a hypothesis about "existence uncertainty" was established. R-42's SCP Foundation chose to make no further attempts to open a portal into PD due to the high risk of accidentally afflicting other dimensions with the anomaly.

From the moment PD began to produce its paradimensions and bring the multiverse closer to the ZK-Class event with high speed, R-42 was left no time or hope for salvation. Unfortunately, R-42's Foundation cannot open a portal into your dimension and destroy PD denizens by itself. R-42 has waived aside the idea of eliminating the majority of PD denizens because the PD's Foundation personnel, surviving in underground bunkers and bearing access to numerous "Thaumiel"-class objects, would render such actions moot. Little remaining time before the ZK-Class event and lack of technological capability to maintain our research denies the possibility to repeat Operations "Castling" and "Minimal Gain". Due to the outlined causes, we address you with this message and offer the only way in current conditions to save the multiverse.

The world has existed before us and must remain after us. Our multiverse is ill, and the name of the illness is humanity, SCP-001. The only way out is SCP-0000. We'll cease to become a threat with its help. It is in our power to leave a chance for other sapient species that, perhaps, will not be afflicted by the same anomaly, or will find a way to get rid of it before it's too late. We, the O5 Council and other survivors from R-42, have chosen our fate. We hope you will do the same.

From the O5 Council of dimension R-42
To the О5 Council of dimension PD

Enclosed you will find the methodology to calculate "Omega" and the means to investigate paradimensions, main scientific derivations regarding SCP-001, and the instructions to create and use SCP-0000. Hurry.

The final addendum contains a private message for each of you encoded with personal Overseer encryption keys.

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Paradox-Thaumiel2

Special Containment Procedures: Any containment procedures contradict the concept and purpose of the object.

Description: SCP-0000 consists of a device, developed by the SCP Foundation of relict dimension R-42, capable of annihilating the dimension it is activated in. After the destruction of the target dimension, all child paradimensions in the state of "existence uncertainty" will undergo slow self-destruction.

Object blueprints and principle of operation: The core of SCP-0000 is a four-component device consisting of [REDACTED] as well as "Euclid"-class objects: SCP-████, SCP-████ and two conjoined SCP-████. The object's principle of operation [DATA EXPUNGED]

For: O5-1
From: Joan Simpson

Hello, dad.

I don't know if I have the right to call you "dad", for you are just a copy of the one I recently mourned the passing of. In some way, you are the cause of his death. But you are also a human who, like us, is not at fault for any of this.

In your world, I am just a little girl, and the one who's writing now is your grown-up daughter, one of the leading Foundation employees. Strange, isn't it? I didn't want to record a message, but my colleagues made me. They say it's very important. Well, I couldn't have a last word with him, so I'll have a last word with you. I'll address you and not "You", as if I had known you for so many years. Alright?

I remember the day the Rosters started to get implemented. Rosters of those for whose sake everyone else had to keep working. There was an idea to let the Overseers save not one member of family, but two. You yourself stood against it, believing that it would lead to an unhealthy schism within the Foundation that was about to become very, very small. Only a few hundred, that many were supposed to be left after the mad harvest you've planned. Those, and fifteen thousand people in cryosleep. You were implacable, and the day you began to assemble the Roster, I understood everything by the look in your eyes. You didn't save Mother. You chose to save me. I still don't know what to think about that. But… even if I had had some sort of anger directed at you, it's long gone now.

I began to work alongside you. All the "hostages", as they were called behind backs, began to work on the Project. We had more than enough time. Hope was our guiding star.

On the days I felt especially miserable you led me out to the surface. We sat on the grass in hazard suits and watched over the empty city at the bottom of the mountain. The city that only birds of prey inhabit now. You promised that we'd return there and build a giant monument to the Human at its center. I listened to you and knew it was a lie. Every single one of our prospective projects would've left nothing human in us. Our descendants would not waste themselves on sentiments.

Then… then someone proposed to open that portal. Fatal mistake. When you've learned the paradimension started replicating worlds you understood that… it was all over. There were flimsy ideas to open the portal again and throw some sort of a wonder bomb in there, but nobody had any guarantee that it would not open into a different paradimension. The countdown went down to months again. Your promise became impossible. You took your own life. In your honor, the seat of O5-1 was left vacant.

Truth be told, I don't care, now, whether you'll destroy your world or not. Whether the universe will exist, whether there will be new life in it. My world has been crushed long ago.

It's good that this message is encrypted with your key, that was passed on to me - or these lines would've been deleted. Everyone wants to save the world. But who needs it like this? Empty and cold. Without those to appreciate its beauty. Without humanity.

Do whatever you think is right.

I truly feel better now.

Love you. Faithfully yours, Joan Simpson.


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