Sweeter Dreams Inc.
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Hiya, Cyclicomancer Ali on! Anybody need a drink or two?

Aleison Chaoley, Black Queen Babalon present. Today has been exhausting so let's get this over with.

unit Bl/Qn tuning in (as best as I can with the crappy psi-fi connection here).

Hey, shouldn't we wait until Vanta gets here? it's been 1:09:59 and counting since they said they would arrive. I know, but I still have enough tea ready to pass the time! We can move on without them. Rude. They can add their contributions later.


it's an oneiric construction company that bulldozes existing dreamscapes to construct dream "condos." if you've got enough dough then you can rent out a luxurious dreamscape built to your wants. if not and it happened to be your personal dreamscape that was built on then tough luck. no more dreaming for you. Don't remind me. Payment seems to vary from 'verse to 'verse, but from what I've seen it's a lot of conceptual stuff — selling your ability to stay awake for longer than 10 hours in one case.

I've had no luck in tracking down any founders for this company. I assume it is a mind of its own, but only my gut instinct tells me so. Communion with the Voice of Aiwass may be useful when I have the time.


Does your 'verse have dreams? Does it have any degree of unified dreamscape? If both cases apply then Sweeter Dreams Inc. could emerge. For other prerequisites, we uhh… don't know. Magically swirling water can only take me so far in learning this stuff (sorry).


None. Bring it all down. don't be hasty, aleison. people with recurrent nightmares (the mundane or the "hunted down with your consciousness on the line" type) could take to a condo for shelter. no clue how durable their lucid security is, though. This is playing with fire, and unless you are proficient in the oneiric arts I advise you stay away.

as a preface: finding information on sweeter dreams is hard. many don't remember their dreams out-right, accessing oneiric collectives can be a pain (especially if you are trying to cross the borders between collectives for research), and keeping dream journals in check falls apart when oneiric entities mess with your memory retention. what we have here is largely from our own experiences with the company. it's the best we've got.

Instance: Timeline W-870

So one of my friends recommended that I start advertising my cyclicomancy prediction and the drinks I can brew (made a new tea that you can put thoughts and memories into) in a collective. Audience is scarily big, and if you can reach sleeping corporeals then you can gain lots of attention! I was passing through W-870 at the time so I tried to set up shop in their Oneiroi West equivalent (Oneiroi N/S). huh. never thought about trying that. I felt real dumb for not thinking of it sooner! I went to a small city in it and got to work. Had to dip into the Library at one point so I lost touch, and when I came back, well, whole city was leveled.

Leveled in terms of? Buildings and anything that you could consider to be a building were gone or crumbled. Barricade tape was everywhere and moved like spiders, telling anybody around to leave so construction could start (chipper voices, too). The guy who founded this city got into a real heated argument with one — the tape pretty much "ate" his dream avatar. Ran out at that point. Came back later and the full dreamscape was locked off. have you tried oneiric advertising again? I've thought about it, but I'll be honest. This has really spoiled my interest in it.

Instance: Timeline R-101

here the foundation discovered sweeter dreams inc. and made it into one of their "thaumiel" anomalies. cognitohazards got dumped into any contained entity that could dream, all of which forced them to find a foundation/sweet dreams inc. owned condo block and rent one out. Again I'm annoyed that Vanta isn't here. They collected some of those hazards and I'm curious about how they work. let me finish. every condo was specifically tailored to an ideal reality that the entity in question would desire. once let in the foundation dumped them into sensory deprivation chambers, hooked up life support, and wham, easy containment. Jesus that's awful! From experience the Foundation rarely has an aversion to "awful." I'm not surprised. Still.

Instance: Timeline J-367

I only got out of this mess today and it's why I got us organized to discuss this. To get to the point: I was in J-367, turning my personal dreamscape into an open hub under the name of Thelemic philosophy. because of course you were. The unicursal hexagram rose across an endless night sky and the temples of the A∴A∴'s Orders rose through fold of reality. I'm on the verge of tears remembering the sight.

I take it Sweet Dreams Inc. pushed in? Yes. Monoliths containing the condos dropped in and crushed everything and everyone they fell on. However, I tried for an unorthodox solution. I went to the mountains of the Greater Alagaddan territories and met with a traveling Divine of the Kalaphastian Skies. We fell for each other, Don't and with our arms and wing-tendrils interlocked Don't we made sweet ████ ███ ██████ ███ █████ ███ No. For our reader's sake I'm censoring this. ████ ███ █████ my burned number was ████████ 11 of the night sky and ██████ is it that bad? ██████ ████ I spoke the ending of the word and it went in my ████ It's worse. ██ █████ ███ ████████████ █ ███ ████ █ left to take her seat in the East at the Equinox of the Gods, and I was— oh come on. Again. Don't.

Fine, you spoilsports. Once our act was done I returned to my dreamscape to find an elevenfold lance in the ██████ Blech of our love. I took the lance and charged straight into the nearest condo monolith, breaking through the walls and entering one of the condos — a dream the walls labeled as "your teeth endlessly falling out in a mildly relaxing manner." appealing to niche audiences, i see. I was going to level the whole place to the ground but literal nothingness gutpunched me out of the dreamscape, sending me to a dark space with a request for me to use my childhood imaginary friends as payment. I haven't payed, and nothing I have done has forced Sweeter Dreams Inc. out. So I take it the mountaintop… experience was a waste of time? The Divine was hot. It was worth it.

Instance: Timeline A-174

This was a weird one. Sweet Dreams Inc. started to oneirogentrify but had a run in with a five-loving parasomnic hazard. They made a condo and, well, vanished. Completely. No one has heard a word of them since.

Instance: Timeline N-009

my world, which got completely and utterly fucked. first manifestations started okay; a few pals got bulldozed but by keeping to the right dreamscapes i avoided trouble. Wait, are you not a modified Anderson android? Is the ability for that even built in? i thought so too. turns out androids dream of more than just electric sheep. anyways, it went smoothly for a while.

then they built in xiupania.

Why? no one knows. all we know is what filtered in through oneiroi west news minds, which told us of massive drone attacks against sweeter dreams inc., the company pushing deeper and deeper into xiupanian territory. nothing could stop them. once the outer shells were breached xiupania took the most extreme course of action: invading oneiroi west to regain lost territory. dream war 1 began and i am not exaggerating when i say that it was the worst fever nightmare of my life — skull moons dashed across the skylines, billions of drones chewing apart everything in their path, and escapees splattered across inter-dreamscape security matrixes. veil collapsed when a sixth of the world population dropped into comas simultaneously.

God, I'm sorry you had go through that. How did you get out? found the right way to the library at the right time. that and a self-lobotomy to shut down my dream processors. as far as i know more wars are happening, and sweeter dreams inc. has expanded into a full luxury empire, though there is no way for me to confirm this. library locks the timeline off for good reason. Look, this may be long past you, but if you ever need someone to talk to about this you can always come to me. Beyond having thaumo-wines I know how valuable it can be to vent, especially with past traumas. Just let me know. Okay? okay. Playing with fire, people. Playing with fire.

Infophile Vanta here.

wait, vanta?! Well it's about time. Don't need your sass, Chaoley. Vanta! What took you so long? We have a problem.

Instance: M Floor 12th Level Library Wing

oh k-n this is bad. So, this morning (Library time) I was entering the wing following an excursion to aid in the memetic mess with Z-398. Everything was going smoothly, up until I tried to pick a book off a shelf and saw that its text flickered through gibberish. I did the old lucidity test of checking my appearance in a mirror and I didn’t see myself, just a formless blob. dreaming? Dreaming.

Absolutely none of the tricks for waking up worked (staring at fingers, pinching self, disintegrating self). The dream refused to end, and I realized it was Sweeter Dreams Inc. when it gave me messages about paying for "premium realism" and "escaping the dream war horrors." the… dream wars? Luckily, I did figure out an escape plan. Work around memetics for long enough and shit builds up in the parts of your brain you lock off. Dreaming reduces those barriers. Please don't tell me you did what I'm worried you did. I surged the memories of infohazards through my dreamspace. Shot me out of sleep hard and quick. I know this is your business but please don't push this too far. I don't want to see you get hurt. I got an infovore to detox me after waking so it's fine.

Wait, to make sure I follow, this happened to you in the Library. You didn't pick up anything in Z-398? There is no Sweeter Dreams Inc. in Z-398. So how did they manage to enter without triggering every oneirowraith in the wing? That's the problem. One Librarian astrally projected into the area to investigate and found every patron in a full coma, with a Way opened in the central plaza. It didn't lead to a dimension with a normal Sweeter Dreams. It went to Timeline N-009.

Way got remotely shut but the comas and any lingering essence of Sweeter Dreams Inc. (post many dream wars) remains. Oneirowraiths have failed to combat the threat. Whatever happened in N-009 forced them to up their security hard (and start mimicking the real world in their dreams — escapism from something worse?).

is the wing on lockdown? If not now I imagine the Librarians will get to it soon. understood.

courtesy of the Document Daemon: unit Bl/Qn has ceased editing the document

Oh. She's heading in? She's heading in.That's fine, though. I was about to recommend that all of us do the same.

…You really think it'd be wise to head in there? Chaoley I am certain you have done riskier. Alright, no. I am not putting putting my consciousness on the line for matters better handled by the Librarians. Thelema beckons me more than this does.

courtesy of the Document Daemon: Aleison Chaoley has ceased editing the document

Of fucking course she bails on us. Won't stick to her friends for the life of her. We didn't need them anyways. Wait, what are you thinking of? You still have those thought teas? Freshened and Spun them up this morning. And can you still implant memories (say, those of breaking from my dream and the memes involved) into them? I… What are you suggesting?

We're going to give everyone in the comas the worst nightmares of their lives.

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