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SYNOPSIS: While heading to the supply closet at work~ Arthur Page, a regular office worker, finds that he has accidentally stumbled into the "Kingdom of Storeroomus". He is quickly seized by the Royal Guard1 and sentenced to death by the Ruler of Storeroomus, King Ruley McRuleface. Will Arthur make it through this without a scratch?2


SYNOPSIS: After developing a friendship with his cellmate, an old Personal computer named Desmond Netflix. Desmond claims to have downloaded a program3 that could help Arthur escape. The program is supposed to digitize Arthur and email him back to his workplace. Instead, it has shrunk Arthur to tiny proportions and physically sent him into Desmond's insides!4 Here, Desmond meets a civilization of tiny, green, bald people. What are their intentions?


SYNOPSIS: Arthur is ostracized for looking different and is promptly shunned from Motherburg's society. Now labeled a pleb and desperate to go home, he hears of a secret mission5 for Motherburgrians to explore the outside world and look for their god. Can Arthur use this opportunity to escape?6 What was the real reason for Desmond's imprisonment?


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SYNOPSIS: While sitting on the toilet in tiny space, Arthur Page8 presses the Omni Dimensional Ejector button instead of flushing9, which sends him hurtling out of a portal and into a future version of Earth. He learns the apocalypse has come and left this place, leaving people bored and desperate. Arthur notices the portal still present above and out of reach. He makes an unwilling friend and must learn the epic skill of "Ass-flapping" to find his way home.


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SYNOPSIS: Well fuck, that went badly. Arthur's interaction with the Nexus portal not only brought the past back to the future, it also made the past much, much worse10. BIGG GRONK has him now.

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