Surprise! Happy Birthday! Now as I was saying...
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And here you are.

Midnight to midday the hands on the clocks all turn. And much like the hand returning to the witching hour, you also return to us. And isn’t that how it should be?

If I may be so bold, it’s a comfort to me to see your face every year. Too often we feel as if this entire world has yet again come apart and swept itself into a pile of pieces. And then we begin to climb. It’s always a climb, effort and height. And darkness below. Though I suppose darkness above as well, the mystery of what’s to come. And all around us, that shadow crawling behind you. The thump in the attic, the low groan in the elevator. Something creeping in the trees, just out of sight. The monsters under the bed. And the eternal question of what’s just around the corner…

All pieces, my dearest friend. Fragments and shards and slivers of ideas, from the first moment we open our eyes. Like letters to piece together, an alphabet to arrange into questions and answers and something whole. Into stories, great and small… Tales that reflect us like glass, where we seek answers to things we don’t yet know.

The story is the candle with which we explore the dark of our life, the comfort that we ignite and are nourished by. And with the turn of this page, and as today’s clock strikes twelve, we carry ever forward together. And until next year, may these motes of fright nourish you and your fearful cogs.

Happy birthday, Gears. To you.

Annually, we will make a special mention of the Cancer Research Institute each Gears Day. This is an American cancer research charity with a good reputation. Please consider donating.

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