Surprise! Happy Birthday! From the top...
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… Oh! Oh, it’s *you*. You’re here, you have returned.

Things are always so turbulent in this world, and the ebb and flow of humanity can become… tiresome. But alas, we persist, don’t we? Because that’s what’s right.

Through the darkness there is always a light. Whether it’s brilliance is as the sun’s, or it’s a match lit in some terrible oubliette below the foundations of the pit, the light persists. And that’s why you’ve come, isn’t it? Oh, oh no, I’m not so presumptuous as to think we are your light. But we may share our light with those in need, can’t we? We simply needed to wait until you returned, wait for the correct moment. It’s all planned, you see.

And behold! You’ve returned yet another year, my friend. And with your return, we’ve prepared your place with the gift of the story. Each a glimpse into some world that could be. Meat and blood and eyes in the dark. The warmth of familiarity, but twisted - or perhaps corrected, shown as it truly is. Tales of travel, tales of luck. Tales of friends, whether the best, the unwilling, or the scorned. Tales of curiosity, tales of things best left alone. Tales of things both great and small. Tales from the soul. Tales of our soul. Of yours.

Hm. It’s a shame we can only do this once a year. Alas… Until the next one—

Happy Birthday, Gears.

This Gears Day, we wish to make a special mention of the Cancer Research Institute, an American cancer research charity with a good reputation. Please consider donating.

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