Surprise, Happy Birthday! And here we are...
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… It’s you.

I should be less surprised. We knew you would return, didn’t we? The one who returns. That’s you.
You’ll always come back for them, won’t you? For the stories. Have you heard the tale of the fairy in a bottle? I’m sure you have, once upon a time. Or maybe the myth of the moon who cried - ah! What about the twins, those twins who saw light and shadow?

You’re a funny one, my friend. A strange breed… you with your infinite hunger for the story. Like a voracious beast, you devastate every page, every line, every letter - until there is nothing left. A proper, regal force of nature, an uncompromising glutton of the fable, satisfied only until you again yearn for the next tale to be told. And it will be told. Nothing else will do. You cannot live without them, can you?

And I’m not so sure they can live without you.

… Mm. We wish you a happy birthday, Gears. Until the next one.

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