Surprise! Happy Birthday! Now, see here...
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I… Well. I've had quite enough of this. Do you know how long we've been visiting? How long we've been showing up here, spinning the tales for you? Well, I'll tell you. It's been years. Decades! The weavers have been coming here, year after year, giving you these stories, watching them worm their way into your ears and out your eyes and through your tongue, and you've yet to have the common decency to do… to just… Ugh! There is protocol in play here, and you are flaunting it, sir. You are flaunting the sacrifice, and the words, and the book. Flaunting it all. It's simply unacceptable. Unacceptable!

You… You are still listening to them, though… aren't you?

We have more. We always bring more for you. The story of the table who walked through the door. The one about the six children who nursed on the she bear. The tale of the burning irons, the pick of wonders, the second sun that hid its face, or the speaker of cold nights… Tales! Tales to remind you of a wine you never drank and make you nostalgic for a place that was never real… yet. Tales to weave you a lovely shroud, and tales to sing you to your sleep. Tales that tick like a clock, or a coffin nail. Tales that are waiting, still…

Happy Birthday. We're waiting.

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